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Artificial Grass West Sussex can solve problems and create interest in your garden

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Artificial grass can solve a number of problems in the gardening ranging from poor drainage to very shady areas plants will not grow to creating play areas in very small gardens.

Artificial grass can help in a number of situations including 

  • Play areas for small gardens – if you have young children and a small garden often artificial grass is a good option as natural grass will wear out quickly with young children playing on it and will not have time to recover resulting often in a muddy play area. Installing Artificial grass solves this problem and extends the use for young children to play in the area.
  • Very wet gardens – although you can install drainage into a garden sometimes it’s just too wet for drainage to be effective. For example if your garden or lawn area is in a natural dip or hollow collecting rainwater from the area around your garden artificial grass can create a dry area that’s usable throughout the year.
  • Shady gardens – some gardens are just too shady to support the growth of natural grass or clover to create a decent lawn that is usable again artificial grass can be the answer.
  • Creating grass type seats and mounds – with artificial turf it’s easy to create areas with bumps, lumps and mounds creating permanent seating areas and interesting areas for young children to play around and explore.

Creating bumps, lumps and mounds in your artificial grass is not a job or task for the inexperienced you need a good artificial grass contractor such as artificial grass West Sussex Normally bumps, lumps and mounds in artificial lawns are create by shaping the base using concrete or form work to create the shapes required under the final layer of artificial grass. 

It’s possible to create bumps, lumps and mounds with natural grass using grass seed or turf but the effort in maintaining these areas when they are created with natural grass is often prohibitive.



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