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Pond Pumps, Stone Ovens, And Cobblestones: Elevate Your Garden With These Simple Essentials.

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

It doesn’t take a lot to create an amazing garden. In fact, most of the time, an elegant, comfortable, versatile garden isn’t created by a world-class designer or constructed off of magazine pages. It’s created through the small touches that homeowners, gardeners, or caretakers cultivate and add to elevate and maintain the space. A beautiful garden is just like many other things in life – less truly is more. Here are a few essentials that gardeners recommend to create a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Pond Pumps
It’s actually relatively easy to construct a backyard pond if you don’t already have one. A backyard pond is an elegant addition to any garden, and high-quality supplies, as well as helpful information about these supplies are available through Swallow Aquatics. You don’t need a lot of supplies, and when you buy quality items, they’ll last several seasons. Ponds actually don’t require as much maintenance as you might think, especially if you invest in a good pond pump to keep the water from becoming stagnant. If you want a pond that is very low maintenance, opt for plants or stones to decorate the pond rather than fish.

Stone Ovens
If you use your garden space for cooking outdoors, a grill isn’t the only must-have appliance for your best party food. Stone ovens have become increasingly more popular because of the mouth-watering pizzas you can make right in your own backyard. They’re a great conversation piece and offer guests the opportunity to be involved in the cooking as well as the eating of new, delectable dishes. Nothing cooks the pizza crust quite like a stone oven, keeping it just the right amount of crispy on the outside, with soft, melt-in-your-mouth goodness on the inside. Since stones ovens are quite popular, many recipes are available online for unique, gourmet pizza. Don’t let the season pass without a stone oven pizza.

Cobblestone pathways are incredibly easy to create in your outdoor space and are essential to your garden, especially if your backyard is set up in such a way that guests will need to walk through the garden to get to seating. Cobblestones are readily available at most home goods stores. You could opt for classic cobblestones in their natural stone colors and shapes, or alter the stones to create beautiful surprises and match your own personal design aesthetic.

Many gardeners choose to paint designs onto the cobblestones, using outdoor paint. You could spray paint beautiful, delicate designs, such as lace. Cobblestones are especially vital if you’ve created a garden pond, so guests or your family can approach the pond without getting muddy or wet.

Consider outlining your entire pond with cobblestones as part of a larger pathway through the highlights of your garden and backyard. Your family or guests can leisurely view the highlights without damaging any plant life. The stones add an easy, inexpensive touch of class that will also offer great function to enjoy your garden space.

Andrea is a writer who is currently recreating her beautiful garden into a more functional and trendy space.

5 free garden design books to give away

In CategoryGarden design
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

5 free garden design books to give away

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