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Create your own seed and potting compost at home whilst you are on lockdown

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The easiest compost to create a home is John Innes Compost for seedlings and young plants. John Innes Compost is a soil based compost and although it’s not possible to create it to the standard a manufacture will make it to its possible to come up with a workable compost for growing seedling and young plants.
Based on soil or loam which is soil with lot of fibrous matter such as well rotted turf.
Here is the receipt for creating some John Innes Compost

John Innes seed compost: In the following loam is sterilised and peat and loam are passed through 9mm sieve.

John Innes Compost for Cuttings:
2 parts loam, 1 part peat or garden compost, 1 part sand
0.6kg ground limestone per cubic metre of mix.
1.2kg superphosphate per 1 cubic metre of mix.

John Innes Compost number 1 for young plants
Add the following to cubic metre of mix
0.6kg ground limestone,
1.2kg hoof and horn,
1.2kg superphosphate,
0.6 kg potassium sulphate.

Create your own seed and potting compost at home whilst you are on lockdown
Follow this link for some more information follow this link

Why We Recommend John Innes Composts So Often.

Finding the best garden shredder for your garden

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The GardenAdvice team use these shredders which we have found to be of excellent value normally lasting more than two seasons using then about 180 days per year
For woody or stem materials up to 40mm

Create a simple compost heap to save you trips to your local recycling centre

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Notes on composting . The GardenAdvice experts teach people about composting on our gardening courses by explaining the keys to composting which is to look after the bacteria, fungi and worms in the compost heap so they break down the material into compost as quickly as possible here are the GardenAdvice  key composting points

  • Make sure in the summer the compost heap is watered so when you pick up a handful and squeeze it a few drops of water drip from it
  • As you add compost to the compost heap add some fertiliser such as Growmore fertiliser or a compost activator to help feed the bacteria and fungi to help break down the composted materials
  • The compost needs to be kept warm in the winter so cover the compost heap with some old carpet or similar in the winter to keep the heat in
  • If you compost heap has lots of grass clippings add a layer of straw or similar every so often to help keep the air moving within the compost heap
  • If you compost a lot of beech or oak leaves as you add these add some garden lime to raise the pH which will help the bacteria and fungi break down this material
  • You will often read about turning the compost heap with a fork etc to produce the best compost but if you follow the advice about you will not need to do this unless you wish to spend less time down at your local pub !!

With composting rather than buy a compost bin  we tend to recommend using 4 old builders pallets three for the sides, one for the base using tree stakes to hold the sides up

For other articles on composting on the GardenAdvice website click here 

Best Ways to Do Pest Control Around the Home

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It doesn’t matter whether you live in rural areas or urban cities; you certainly can’t avoid dealing with pests. While it is possible to get rid of them from around the house, you almost can’t avoid running into them in the garden and corner alleys. But even though you can’t keep them out of the streets, you can prevent them from getting into your living space. 

While you may consider inviting a pest control service to get the job done, you may want to consider other do it yourself methods. That’s, of course, if you are the handyman around the house. But if that’s not your thing, and you need the best services, you may want to check the Statewide Pest Control Melbourne if you are in the area. 

What are the best ways to get rid of pests around the house? You can read up on the best three below. 

Identify the Pest 

The first thing you want to do is to identify the pest. Are they the crawling type or the flying ones? You should know what you are trying to get rid of. This is because you will need a different method to eliminate rats from the house, and to also deal with flying insects such as mosquitoes and cockroaches. Once you know what you are dealing with, it becomes easier to begin the elimination and preventive measures. 

Identify the Cause 

You want to know why all of a sudden, there are flies around the house or rodents running about. Remember that one of the main reasons why pest gets into the home is to find food, and if you have a messy bin at the side of the house, you can expect that there will be flies hovering around the place. You will also have to check the roof, walls, and floors for any crack or openings that could have permitted the entry of rats. Once you know how they get into the house, it becomes easier to prevent future entry. 

The right Solution

When it comes to solving the problems of pests in the home, I recommend two methods, which is the preventive and elimination method. You will first have to keep others from getting into the house before dealing with the ones already inside. 

  • Preventing 

Once you know how rodents and other pests are getting into the home, the next step is to prevent re-entry, and then move on to deal with the ones already in your living space. The first thing you should do is to take care of all the leakages around the house. This includes the walls, roof, floors, and if there is an artic or a basement, you want to rodent-proof every single part of the house. There are many available online resources to help you do a perfect job even if you do not have handy skills, so you may want to check them out. You can find some suggestions in the link below.


Once you have dealt with the leakages, the next thing is to ensure that you clean the house from corner to corner. Everything should be wiped spotless. Take out the trash, clean out the gutters in the roof, and then remove every debris you can find around the house. Other preventive measures include shutting your windows or installing a door and window net to keep insects from entering the house. This will help if you live in areas swarming with flying insects. 

  • Elimination 

When the entire house is pest-proofed and wiped clean, the next step will be to combat the ones that are in the house. If you are dealing with flying insects, then you can make use of insecticides to eliminate them from around the home. You want to avoid using pesticides with chemical compounds in them. Apart from being toxic to your health, they also harm the environment. It is best to shop for natural and eco-friendly options, especially if there are kids and pets around the house. 

If you decide to put a mouse trap out around the house, you want to alert the kids not to get close to it, and to avoid letting your dogs and cats anywhere close to the area. You want to set up a barrier in place just in case, especially if you are not going to be around. Also, you want to avoid using poisons around the house too if there are infants who pick things up from the floor. If you are dealing with a full infestation, it is best to get the kids and pets from the home while you deal with the situation. 

Final Note 

There are simple methods to get rid of pests from around the house, and you can follow any of the ones outlined above. If you are not up for it, you can also seek the services of professionals, and they could help you deal with any form of pest infestation around your living space. 




The health benefits of gardening during isolation

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Gardening during a self imposed isolation or the  lockdown because of the covid-19 can create some really benefits to your health especially your mental health and provides ways to stay calm

By its very nature gardening activities ranging from a full blown garden development project to simply repotting a houseplant  is an all consuming activity placing you in a state of mindfulness.

Worried about Coronavirus, your job, business or family gardening is not going to solve any of these problems but what it will do most effectively is provide you with a mental and physical break, a moment of respite helping to restore your minds equilibrium.

Along with the mental health benefits of gardening its also useful as a rewarding group activity with your partner or family you might be in isolation with. Gardening activities have a lot of hidden benefits especially for young children providing a very interactive activity involving physical effort which in turn helps to stop boredom and promotes sound, deep sleep after the activity.

To start gardening you need very few tools. Listed below are a few suggested gardening projects to get you started.

Sunflowers – Growing sunflowers is easy to do from seed and creates a great family activity. Simple sow a few seeds in small pots on a windowsill and then in May plant out in the garden.  Maybe creating a small prize for the family member that grows the tallest sunflower by the end of September. Once the sunflowers have finished the seed heads can be collected to feed your garden birds in the winter.

Vegetables – Growing a few of your own simple vegetables from seed such as salad leaves, carrots, peas and beans is an easy project that does not require a large amount of space or a special vegetable area. Vegetables can be grown in existing gardens flower borders in small patches or in pots.  

Garden plants from cuttings – A lot of garden plants such as hydrangea, pyracantha and skimmia will root very easily from semi ripe softwood cuttings. Other common garden plants such as buddleia and cornus will root from hardwood cuttings. 

Houseplants from cuttings – many houseplants can be grown from cuttings placed in water in small jars or glasses such as tradescantia or cheese plants. Other plants such as rubber plants can be layered to create new plants. 

For further advice and how to get started contact the GardenAdvice team for some free gardening advice and encouragement. Click Here 

In addition gardening activities provide other health benefits such as stretching and physical movement. Unlike the structured framework of other exercise activities such as yoga gardening as a physical activity is unstructured and over a period of a couple of gardening activities you will find yourself  stretching in loads of different positions increasing flexibility and creating endorphins in your body creating a general feeling of wellbeing. 

Finally if you have never carried out any gardening before simply growing a few plants from cuttings or seed can be a very rewarding activity



Landscape Ideas That Make Your Garden Amazing

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Your home might be a palace on the inside, but you already know that it is not just the inside that matters. Landscaping ideas have changed with the times. The bottom line is that everybody wants their home to look inviting both on the outside and the inside. We are in the era of environmentalists, and people are encouraged to be mindful of their gardening methods. Social media and the internet, has helped people learn about composting, annual and perennial plants, deer- proofing, among others. Below are some great landscaping ideas to create a relaxing space for you, your family, and friends.


Plant some flowers

Flowers add color to your outdoor space. Additionally, flowers will create contrast in your garden as they come in several different colors. You can plant both annual and perennial flowers such as hydrangeas, sunflowers, marigold, among others. You can also choose to plant some herbs and other vegetables that have beautiful flowers such as chives and thyme. Besides adding a splash of color in your garden, flowers will also attract pollinators such as bees and other insects. This is an excellent solution to pests in the garden.


Theme your garden

Think of this as creating the perfect composition for a picture-perfect garden. Go out right now and see the colors in your garden. Can you group them cleverly for effect? It is better to mass plant the same colored flower in one container than a plant in each pot. Arranging your plants around a theme will make you look like a landscaping pro. This is a smart and simple way to make your garden more appealing.


Outdoor water features

Nothing brings beauty and tranquility to an outdoor space like a water fountain. However, outdoor water features can range from ponds to artificial rivers. Although most outdoor water features are found in extensive gardens, they are ideal for small patios. They can be the focal point of your garden or smartly integrated into a wall for a unique design. There are several reasons why adding a water feature in your garden is a good idea. First, running water calms the soul. Second, outdoor water features attract birds and other wildlife. Also, they are quite easy to maintain, so getting one for your garden should be a no brainer.


Add some garden art

Garden art can be something you make or something you buy. Garden art, in other words, is garden décor. For example, hanging plant baskets, flower pot clips, butterfly stakes, among others. If you are living in a rental, a lovely garden ornament is advisable. You can make this a DIY project or get the decorative items at a gardening store. Adding these decorative items in your garden will make you enjoy your space more.


Plant some vines

Are you tired of looking at your boring wooden fence? Well, flowering vines will fix your problem. Vines are climbing or running plants. Vines are a perfect way to create a show-stopping space that will put your neighbors to shame. There are fast-growing vines and those that take a while to grow. Your garden will look amazing in a short time if you plant Wisteria. This plant can shoot up to 66 feet and is quite hardy. Another option is the morning glory or moonflower plant. The moonflower plant has a great smell too


Hide your outdoor structures

Outdoor structures are not the most attractive. That old shed can steal the thunder of your beautiful outdoor space. Start thinking of that old garage as a display area for some of your plants. You can have large flower pots lined up at the front towards the door on each side. You can also install a plank of wood to create a shelf on the exterior and set your small flower pots there. The flowers can be on the structure or near it; either way, it will complement the space beautifully.


Add some outdoor furniture

If you like to entertain or spend time out in the yard with your family, then this is for you. Just like a water fountain, you can choose a piece of furniture to be the centerpiece of your space. Whether it is a swing for the kids or some seats for guests to enjoy a barbecue. Outdoor furniture can make your space both comfortable and functional.

Go ahead and beautify your outdoor space with the above landscaping ideas today. Whether you have a balcony, porch, or yard, all the above apply.


Landscaping And Snow Removal Services In Iowa: Why And How To Choose

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A warm cup of tea and a cushy blanket, a fireplace that is doing its magic and keeping you warm, and your favorite show running on TV… Oh, this just sounds perfect! The only thing that could add to this idyllic atmosphere would be some snow outside. Hoping that you might actually see this, you turn your head towards the window. Well, would you just look at that? It actually is snowing.

A pure feeling of bliss fills up your chest, your eyes are glistening and your lips can’t help it but curl into a smile. “This is going to be a wonderful night” – you think to yourself. And it probably is. But, then it hits you.

What about tomorrow morning? If it continues snowing like this, you’ll have to do a lot of shoveling in order to get to work. “Oh, damn you, Iowa, and your unpredictable weather” – your thoughts shift in an instant. Your perfect night is turning into a nightmare and you are starting to frown.

Check the climate in Iowa: https://www.britannica.com/place/Iowa-state/Climate

But, don’t start grumbling just yet. Remember, there is always someone to turn to in the event that you are unwilling or unable to get rid of the snow yourself. After all, Iowa is a big state and there are bound to be professionals in your area who can do this instead. And if you think that you don’t need this, or any landscaping service, think twice.

Why Do You Need Landscaping And Snow Removal Services?

You might think that you can do it all alone. However, once you get started, you quickly find that it is a much harder job than you initially expected it to be. It’s like the snow won’t listen to you. Regardless of snow, any kind of landscaping requires certain skills that you definitely don’t have. So, here is why I think that hiring professionals to do your landscaping and remove your snow is the better option.

Personal Safety

Number one on this list is, of course, your own safety. First of all, people with certain medical conditions should definitely not do shoveling, or any kind of lawn care by themselves. These activities may lead to an increase in your blood pressure and your heart rate, which is dangerous even in healthy people.

Furthermore, slipping and falling is not uncommon in winter months. Snow is slippery and there might be ice, which can result in breaking a bone, straining a muscle and more. Additionally, if you lift the snow improperly, you might develop an injury in your lower back. These are only a few things you can expect and, according to the National Safety Council, this activity has even caused some deaths. More here.

Property Protection

As I have already mentioned, if you have the wrong equipment, or don’t know how to use it properly, you might end up damaging your property. On the other hand, if you hire a landscaping and snow removal company, you don’t need to sweat over this. You don’t need to sweat at all, for that matter.

A team of professionals will take a look at your place, evaluate the situation and decide which tools to use for which activity, in order to keep your property undamaged. That takes more than a few worries off your chest, doesn’t it? And, in the end, nobody can measure up to a professional.


How To Find The Best Company?

So, now that you are aware of the benefits that these services might bring, you want to hire a company as soon as possible, am I right? But, after your excitement dies down, you’ll swiftly become aware of the fact that you don’t know how to choose the right one. Let me help you there.

The first thing you want to know is exactly what you’ll be paying for. So, once you know what needs to be done in the area around your property, make sure to ask the people if they can do everything you need. A lot of companies, such as Frontier Lawns, usually offer a wide variety of services. In that case, you are sure to get everything you need if you simply ask the right questions.

Additionally, inquire about their equipment. Sure, since you are not a professional, you definitely won’t be able to know which tools and machines are the best, but you could do some research. In any case, you will definitely notice if the equipment is run-down and broken, and that usually means that the work won’t be up to par.

Lastly, check the price. Remember, if anything is offered at an extremely low price, chances are it won’t be that good. Then again, you don’t want to get ripped off. This is why you should take into account the offered services and their quality and find something optimal that’s in your price range.


The Main Benefits of Using Grow Tent Kits in Canada

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Have you always wanted to start your own garden, but you never had the chance to start one? Plenty of homeowners are desperately wishing to take up gardening as a hobby, but unfortunately many fail to do so, as a result of not having enough space and optimal conditions for growing crops.

Nevertheless, the good news is that nowadays every homeowner can start its own garden, even in the comfort of its own home. A garden in your apartment? Although it sounds unbelievable, grow tents can really make it possible.

These tents play the role of indoor gardens, designed from special materials and in compatible sizes for providing the best cultivating conditions, such as light, air, heat and ventilation. Here is a list of grow tents kits in Canada, some of the best to purchase on the market. 

These are their main benefits. 

Space is no longer a problem

Perhaps the main reason why plenty of people aren’t able to fulfill their dream of having a garden, is the lack of space. It most commonly happens to people who dwell in apartments, without having any kind of an outdoor area, except for their terraces. Urban cities don’t exactly offer the most favorable conditions for nurturing your gardening hobby. 

Luckily, grow tents are designed in a way to be convenient for being used inside your house or apartment. They can be found in various dimensions, depending on the free space you have at home. You’re aren’t required to have a completely empty room, since they can be placed in a single corner. As long as you have an empty corner in some of your rooms, nothing can stop you from purchasing one.

Furthermore, these shelters are portable, enabling you to change their location in accordance with the source of light and heat. Thus, you’ll have nothing to worry about your plants not being exposed to the right amount of light or air. 

Get rid of pests

One of the most exasperating aspects of gardening, is undoubtedly dealing with annoying pests. Regardless of the various types of pesticides that gardeners employ to prevent these creatures from damaging the health of their crops, they always seem to find their way to cause the intended damage. Visit this page for some tips on eliminating garden pests.

Anyhow, grow tents provide significantly less probability of your crops being infested by pests. Most of them are equipped with a special protection system that prevents any mites or bacteria from coming anywhere near the tent. Therefore, you’ll no longer have to purchase costly chemicals and waste time on resolving this issue. 

Control of the climate conditions

Another significant aspect of gardening is definitely the climate, which is gradually getting more unpredictable. Cultivating crops outdoors indicates no control over the climate conditions, as plants are left to the mercy of the weather, being susceptible to harsh weather conditions that might end their lifespan prematurely.

In addition, climate dictates the type of crops you intend to cultivate. Some of them require warm temperatures, others grow in colder weather. Therefore, you’re limited to cultivating different plants in different seasons, as otherwise you won’t have any success.

Conversely, grow tents enable you to grow any fruit, vegetables or herbs you like, regardless of the climate conditions. In fact, these shelters allow you to adjust the conditions inside them, which means providing an ideal and stable environment at all times. 

Provide optimal light 

Light is doubtlessly one of the essential factors, required for proper growth of any type of crops. Therefore, many potential gardeners are skeptical about purchasing a grow tent, out of fear that it won’t provide optimal lighting. Anyhow, being exposed to enough light on the outside, doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t get the required amount indoors. 

Actually, grow tents’ interior is made of incredible reflective materials, with the light being reflected to the plants, rather than being lost to the atmosphere. These materials ensure that there’s more than enough light inside the tents that is indispensable for cultivation. Read more about the importance and types of grow light on the following link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grow_light.

Prevent bad smell

Since crops are known for producing odors, it’s very important to minimize or prevent them, when you’re cultivating them indoors. Therefore, all the high-quality grow tents are equipped with an excellent ventilation system that prevents odors from spreading outside the shelter. You and your family won’t have to withstand any bad smell around the apartment and your neighbors won’t have a reason to complain.

Apart from having a ventilation system, make sure the one you’ll purchase has a filter system as well. Filters ensure that there’s a constant air circulation, indispensable for the health of your plants. Their health can get damaged due to lack of fresh air. 

Convenient to use

Grow tents are incredibly convenient to use, regardless of the buyer’s previous gardening experience. Being a complete beginner isn’t an obstacle for purchasing one for you. These shelters are basically metal constructions, enclosed with materials and are very easy to install and operate. Their interior has enough space for placing all of the lights, the ventilation system as well as the filters. 

In case you experience trouble in the process of setting up, you’re just supposed to take a look at the instructions, provided by the manufacturer. Follow them and you’ll have it installed in no time. 

Speedy growth

Compared to the normal growth that crops have outdoors, these tents provide a much faster cultivation, owing to the possibility of controlling the environment. Inside the enclosed space, all fruits, flowers and vegetables are exposed to an optimal light, heat and air, whereas on the outside, these factors tend to be quite variable. This consistency in terms of the growing conditions, enables growth, which is speedier than the standard one. 

Wrap up

Nowadays, having an indoor garden is no longer a problem.

Purchase a grow tent kit and enjoy your favorite hobby!



How To String A Weed Eater

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Having a weed whacker is a fantastic idea for your yard work tools. It is useful when it comes to getting rid of the overgrown grass and bush in your area. This helps to keep your yard tidy and presentable.  Most people have never had a weed eater of their own. They will most probably call someone to trim the overgrown bushes on their behalf. Stringing is quite challenging, and mainly if you have never used a weed whacker before. 

You need to learn the steps on how to put the string on the whacker to make it easier for you. Since a weed whacker is one of the most popular brands of trimmers available, it is quite easy to find them in the market. You won’t have to struggle when buying the weed whacker. Before you start the process, you need to know the things you are going to need. This includes the weedeater string, wire cutters, and scissors. Ensure you have all this before you start the process. Below is a guide on how to put a string on a weed eater.


Read The Manual

This may sound cliché, but it is one of the essential hacks, especially if you are using a new weed whacker. You may assume you know what to do just because you have used a weed whacker before, and then you find yourself spending a lot of hours trying to put everything together. 

Since there are new models available, you will find that with some, you are just required to buy a new spool. Understanding different kinds of models available through reading the manuals will prove helpful. The user manual will also direct you on where you will find the specific type of string for your model. Note that the sizes of the strings also vary, and hence it is not advisable to use a different size or type of string. Make the manual your friend, and you won’t go wrong.


Remove The Spool

First, you need to release the spool. To do this, turn to unscrew the spool. You may also choose to push the tabs in to release the spool. 

You will also find that in some models, you will need to remove the head of the trimmer away from the rest of the body before being able to release the spool. To do this, one is advised to remove the nuts that usually hold it in place and screw them later on, after the task is completed.


Cut The String

After removing the spool, you are then supposed to cut the string. Cut a swath, preferably between fifteen and twenty-five feet, depending on the size that you need. If you are not sure about the size, note that you can always cut a longer piece and modify it later. However, if your machine uses two strings at the same time, it is essential to ensure that both strings are of the same size for an even cut.



The next step involves restringing. Find the small hole that is usually located in the center of the spool. Continue to push through about a half-inch of the string. Ensure the string is held onto the hole to enable you to load the rest of the spool. Note that if you have two lines, there will be two holes. You should handle one hole at a time.


Wind The String And Replace

After doing all of the above, you need to wind the string. There will be an arrow directing you on which way you are supposed to wind. Ensure you wind it from side to side. If and when you need to form a second layer, start overlapping. This will prevent your string from tangling. After you finish winding, clip the string into the notch, which is usually found at the edge of the spool. Proceed to replace the spool Into the hub and pull the ends using the machine’s eyelets. From here, you should now be able to turn the machine and trim those weeds in your yard.


Stringing your weed eater shouldn’t be complicated. As long as you have the right equipment and it comes with a manual, you will be in a better position to fix the string on your own. Use the guide above to help you string your weed eater well.




Los Angeles Guide to Air Conditioner, Repair, and Installation

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

The benefits of an air conditioning system are really vast. If you are a homeowner, there’s no better way to improve the environment of your house. 

If you are curious about how air conditioning may help, you should check this article. 

Taking care of your family and making sure that they are under the best circumstances possible (and affordable) is one of the many responsibilities of a parent. 

With that said, selecting, installing, maintaining and repairing an air conditioning unit can be complicated. That’s why people tend to hire professionals when it comes to HVAC systems. In case you didn’t know, HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning system. They are the ones in charge of regulating the temperature of a particular building, or area, depending on the type of unit.

There are many types of models out there nowadays. Some are stronger than others, but consume more electricity, like the duct air conditioning units, whereas there are other models such as the heating pumps meant to consume much less energy, but with a weaker performance when it comes to regulating the temperature. 

Some models are portable, and other ones can be installed without requiring ducts, like the mini-split model. Other traditional models include window air conditioners, which require a dedicated hole in a wall to be installed properly.

Whatever the case is, it is always recommended to get the help of a professional installation company if you know nothing about HVAC systems installation. A great, reliable company would be https://morairinc.com/ac-repair-los-angeles/

Of course, some models might not require as much knowledge and experience to be installed, like the window air conditioning unit. Still, if you are unsure about the steps to take when it comes to installing a unit, do rely on a professional company.

The advantages of hiring a professional service are many. For example, since they are trained and prepared to do such jobs, you won’t have to worry about them making any mistakes.

And if they do, they’ll have to cover you for them. They got the tools, the experience, and the knowledge to get the job done swiftly without any hesitation, and can even help decide for a unit, and give you some advice about them.


Other Advantages of Hiring a Professional Company.

Another important part of owning an HVAC system is maintenance. Without proper maintenance of an air conditioning unit, the effective lifetime of it, as well as its performance, will be considerably reduced. In some cases, even risking the life of your family. 

With that said, you can still do a proper job when it comes to maintenance if you have the knowledge, tools, and skills. If you follow this maintenance guide, you’ll get an idea of what you need to perform a great performance.

Still, in some cases, it would be better to hire professionals to do this for you. If you own a small unit, you might as well consider doing it by yourself, but if you don’t, and you own a really big unit that is responsible for maintaining your house fresh and comfortable, a professional might be required. Why? Well, because those units are more complicated, and dangerous than traditional units. 

The work of HVAC professionals can be more dangerous than you think. They have to deal with electricity, as well as dangerous gases inside almost every HVAC unit. This requires a lot of preparation and careful decisions to avoid possible risks.

Also, performing bad maintenance can hinder your unit, so trusting someone who’s capable of performing great maintenance is always a great decision.


A Good Installation and Maintenance Will Save You Money

A bad installation process can obliterate your unit if you are unlucky. If you are not, it’ll probably get its lifetime considerably reduced, increasing the amount of money you’ll have to spend on repairs. 

Repairments should always be done by a professional. You may have some knowledge and experience with HVAC systems, but if you are not 100% sure about what you are doing, you may do more harm than good. This is especially the case when we talk about complex units like mini-slipt units and industrial air conditioning units. Since they tend to be expensive, you should always consider making the right decision and hiring a professional.