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Controlling ground elder thats taken over your garden

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


Controlling ground elder in your garden once it has a hold can be a real problem. If you do not wish to use chemical weedkiller to control it smothering  it with a good quality ground sheeting can be a good method of controlling it but it does take time and persistence 

  • dig up most of the perennial plants you wish to save and pot them up trying to remove most of the ground elder around the roots.
  • Then apply a ground sheeting onto the beds and cover with bark cutting it around the existing shrubs here is a link https://www.gardenadvice.co.uk/blog/installing-ground-sheeting-to-help-prevent-weed-in-your-garden/
  • It’s important the ground sheeting is woven and does not allow light through and with the bark we normally try to arrange local wood chips which have been composted to save people money as bark can be quite expensive on larger areas.
  • This means the ground elder just grows around the edges of the sheeting and means you have to keep weeding these are or just cutting it back so it losses energy then after a year you can replant through the ground sheeting with the new plants or the plants you have saved
  • With the plants you have saved in the pots you should keep weeding them
  • When weeding the ground elder it’s pointless trying to remove the roots but as long as you keep removing the foliage the ground elder will become week and will die back

If you have any question on ground elder control or just need some general advice click here for our gardening advice service.

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