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Conveyancing For Your New House And Garden.

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When buying a new house its more important than ever to get conveyancing right especially with regards to the garden and the boundaries which are normally made up of fences etc. As property value rise people become more concerned with making sure that they have access and the right to use and sell the land they have purchased with a house.  Whilst getting it wrong can lead to disputes with the people next door over very small amounts of land often a fence line in the wrong place by 100 to 150mm can lead to problems when sighting a new house extension or a new garden building.
For conveyancing you need to get an expert on the case how is well used to checking the deeds in relation to gardens especially if its an old property, often passed owners of a house have given part of a garden to a neighbor on nothing more than a hand shade and a “pint ”

A typical conveyancing transaction contains two major landmarks: the exchange of contracts (whereby equitable title passes) and completion (whereby legal title passes). Conveyancing occurs in three stages: before contract, before completion and after completion.
A buyer of real property must ensure that he or she obtains a good and marketable ‘title’ to the land; i.e., that the seller is the owner, has the right to sell the property, and there is no factor which would impede a mortgage or re-sale.
For advice on house conveyancing and an online conveyancing quote search on the internet for specialist firms

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