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Different Ways to Use a Tarpaulin Sheet in the Garden

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Tarpaulins are extremely useful when it comes to the garden, as not only can you use them to cover and protect, but you can also use them as an aid with your projects. You’ll find that most tarpaulin sheets come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with many gardening centres and hardware stores stocking a strong selection of them, so they’re easy to get your hands on too! As a gardener, you’ll find your tarpaulin to be a fantastic investment that is very worth the money. Interested in how you’d use a tarpaulin in your garden? Here is a selection of key uses for the everyday gardener.

Rotating Crops

You often find that rotating your crops can be a challenging project, especially when you want to reuse the soil and keep it neat and compact. Crop rotating is the process of adding the seeds for one plant, into a soil bed that was previously used by another family of plants. This enables your crops to grow to their full potential, eliminating the risk of weeds invading and killing your plants and creating a challenging environment for insects to enter too. The tarpaulin sheet comes in handy when you remove the soil from one area of the garden, giving you a place to keep it whilst you plant the next seeds. You can then pick up the tarp sheet and cover the newly planted seeds in the soil.

Protecting Your Garden

Here in England we have a very unreliable weather forecast from day to day. You never know whether you’re going to have glorious sunshine or heavy snow, and it can all change so quickly too. With this in mind, it’s really beneficial to invest in a tarpaulin sheet to help protect certain areas of the garden. Protecting your garden from the drastic weather conditions will have a huge impact on the performance of your crops, quality of your tools and so on. There are lots of different tarpaulin sizes and you can head over to www.tarpaulinsdirect.co.uk to read their blog for additional information regarding tarpaulins and their uses for different things. Having your tools, garden furniture and even flowerbeds covered by a tarpaulin sheet will simply help to prevent the weather from damaging the items, whilst also keeping them fresh and ready for use when the right time comes.

Compost Companion

Throughout many homes today you’ll find that compost piles are becoming more and more popular. Not only are they perfect for nourishing your gardens soil, but they help to recycle certain foods and waste that you’d normally just throw into the bin. Your compost heap can be created from all kinds of materials such as grass and other garden waste, vegetables, fruit and other food leftovers. You can also add items such as newspaper and teabags to the pile too. When maintaining your compost heap, it’s important to have the right balance of air and moisture, so using a tarpaulin sheet to cover the compost pile will help with this. The tarpaulin will also help keep the compost pile fresh and clean when heavy weather conditions kick in, as well as preventing the contents of the pile from blowing around the garden.

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