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Durham NC AC Repair – Durham Air Conditioning service Advice

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Life is all about flipping that little switch, or pressing that lit up button and in an instant we receive a breeze as cool as from Mother Nature herself.

It seems to be the standard for the new home builds and increasingly popular in all rooms of houses in hot countries, and I’m speaking from experience. When you grew up in 40-degree weather like I did, running from room to room to stay in the cool was our exercise.

So, what is an aircon unit and how does it benefit our lives? Well, for starters don’t be fooled into thinking it only offers cooling as a feature. The latest models have all sorts of functions and gadgets you can personalize, even to the extent of shutting itself off in the night once you’ve fallen asleep with regulated room temperature. Too clever.

Other options such as being compact while still providing top-end air has become a sort after feature. The population is growing, houses aren’t as big as they used to be, but we still need to be able to live without walking around as if a rain cloud is over our heads from sweat. 

What to look for in an Aircon company? 

Before you know it you can feel overwhelmed, filled with anxiety and stress, all while trying to find a contractor you can trust, rely on, and won’t end up costing you more than when you began. 

If you have not had a referral from a family member or friend then be sure to do your research, a few extra minutes could be what saves you in the long run. If quality and assurance are what you are looking for then visit https://alternativeaire.com/ for a reputable service you can count on and many rave reviews from satisfied customers.

    • Be aware. While we don’t want to scare you right off, we do want you to be vigilant. A company that quotes you over the phone without seeing the issue or asking to make an appointment should raise a red flag, and even then when they do come out and offer you the same unit you have currently, it’s best to look elsewhere. Companies should look to installing an upgraded box to not only increase value to the home but the units, like with all things, have a lifespan. 
    • Experience. They may claim to have decades of on hand practice in the industry and this is great, but things evolve, technology changes and updates, be sure you choose a company who has up-to-date certifications and training, including licenses.


  • Deal. Have everything written in black and white, copies signed by both parties so there are no surprises and everyone knows where they stand. A quick look on their website and you can see many reviews of customers who have used them and the quality of service they received.


If you are considering or require a new unit as opposed to a repair, but don’t know where to start, check out this article for tips and advice from others who have recently purchased an air-con and what they recommend.

It may seem like a simple little box that blows air, but it is much more than that. It adds value to the home, can ensure clean and filtered air is constantly circulated which is especially important if there are kids in the house. 

Allergy sufferers have had significant improvements with their respiratory systems and put it down to the quality filters in their home units. Take your time, make a list and be sure of the features you are looking for when it comes to the purchase.



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