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Early Season flowering Bulbs in lawn to create a splash of colour

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

If you are looking to introduce some early spring colour into your garden, naturalising bulbs in your lawn can be a great option, and once planted the bulbs will return every spring for years to come.

The first step is selecting your bulbs.

Crocus and snowdrops are all good choices, here are some good varieties


Narcissus cyclamineus ‘February Gold’, ‘Peeping Tom’ and ‘Tete a Tete’


Crocus biflorus ‘Blue Pearl’

Crocus chrysanthus ‘Cream Beauty’ and ‘Gypsy Girl’


Galanthus nivalis

Galanthus elwesii

Snowdrops can be planted as bulbs in the autumn, but they are best planted in the green when they have finished flowering.

For spring flowering bulbs you will need to plant them in autumn. Mow the lawn first this will make it easier. To plant bulbs in turf is very simple, once you have selected your choice of bulbs  you need to position them in your lawn, a great way to make them look natural is to scatter them across the area and plant them where they land, if some land a little too close just seperate them, you can use either a small trowel or a bulb planter to do this job, I prefer a thin trowel. Lift the top layer of turf off and remove the soil to a depth approximately 3 times the depth of the bulb, Daffodils being the largest wil be planted deepest, break up the soil and backfill the hole them firm the turf back down on top.

Once planted they require very little aftercare, however it is recommend to leave daffodils for around 6 weeks to die back and restore the bulb before removing the dead leaves.


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