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Easy And Affordable Ways To Add A Water Feature To Your Garden

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Most avid gardeners have no qualms spending money to ensure that their outdoor space looks its best all year round. According to a survey, British gardeners will spend an average of £30,000 on their gardens over their lifetimes. While renewing patios or adding other garden features can be satisfying for many homeowners, the cost of maintaining a beautiful garden can do a number on one’s budget. This is why it’s important to find low-cost yet effective ways to add impact to one’s backyard, and one way to do that is to add a water feature to your garden. Some water features such as pools or koi ponds can be expensive, but there are others that are equally stunning and can provide a natural element to your home. Here are a few easy and affordable ways to add a water feature to your garden.

Install an outdoor water fountain

Consider installing a tiered or wall outdoor water fountain to give your outdoor space a fresh and unique vibe. A sphere or Asian-inspired water fountain can give your garden a tranquil feel, while a tiered or urn fountain gives your space a classic look. If you want something a little more modern, you can have a glass outdoor fountain on your deck. Remember to clean your fountain on a regular basis to prevent mold or mildew build-up. Enhance the look of your fountain by surrounding it with flowering plants or install a few outdoor lights over and under it to make it stand out at night.

Create a tabletop water feature

DIY enthusiasts can easily make a tabletop water feature out of a simple ceramic or glass bowl, a mini water pump, aquarium stones, shells, marbles, and a few waterproof mementos or decorative elements. Alternatively, you can make one out of a deep planter and fill it with sand, water, and a few rocks. For special occasions, float a few tealight candles and fresh flowers on it.

Build a raised pond

To attract birds to your garden, try building a raised pond. You can make a raised circular pond from bricks or small stones and make it tall enough to hold at least three feet of water. Fill it with sand, water, and ornamental floating plants and surround it with potted flowering plants to make it look more natural.

Water elements add a touch of magic to any garden. Try adding a water feature to your garden and enjoy relaxing to the presence and sound of water after a long day at work.

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