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Factors influencing The Cost of Roof Replacement

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

It was really amazing to see his roof transformation keeping in mind we had similar problems. Deep down, I felt I had found the missing piece of my roofing puzzle. In a week times, I called them up and got mine fixed. 

Are you having similar problems? Here are some of the factors that will influence the cost of your roofing replacement.


We really don’t have to scratch our head on this one. It is oblivious that the cost of its replacement will highly depend on your roof size.

The larger the roof, the more money it will cost. A large one requires more material, labor, and time to fix.

If it’s not within your budget to replace the entire roof, you can also take the option of partial replacement as you plan your finances.

Make the little gains, and soon, your entire canopy will be replaced.

I really had troubles with my leaking and not so well ventilated roof and until a friend of mine took me to the Three Kings Construction site to have a look at how an excellent and proper roof installation and repairs are done. 


People have different taste when it comes to roofing. You might be madly in love with the butterfly ceiling while someone would take a bullet to have a flat roof over his head.

Different shelters require different, attention, modification, and needs than others, and therefore are bound to attract different repairing and replacement cost.

For example, hipped canopies are more complex and expensive to repair than a flat one due to the many extreme angles involved in its constructions.


At times people like you and me make the common mistake of virtually treating the structure the same despite their visual differences.

 There are different types of roofing materials that can be used to build your ceiling. Depending on your taste, the kind of stuff you choose can significantly impact on the cost of your repairs and installation. 

Asphalt shingle is the most commonly used structural material because of its affordable price and easy installation process.

However, if you want something unique and stylish, you can always go for the wood shake, metal tiles, or even slates. You’re going to dig a little deeper into your pockets to have these types of material on your ceiling.

But price shouldn’t be a significant player when it comes to your home, home is special, and you need to design it tastefully.

To read more on the roofing material, click here.



Another factor that will likely affect your replacement cost is the pitch or slope of it. A steep one is not easy to walk or work on and therefore require more staging installation and labor to fix in the ceiling correctly and more safely.

Additionally, the slope of the roof also determines the type of underlayment installations for your roofing, which in turn affects the overall remodeling cost.


There are different construction components such as ventilation, decking, and underlayment that make up the essential parts of a good system. This installation can also affect the cost of your shelter.

For instance, if your has troubles with ice dams during the winter and it destroyed your, it would be a good idea not only to replace it but also to install proper ventilation, that help you prevent ice dam in the coming winter seasons.


Other than the type of roof, construction materials, roofing components, and the ceiling’s slope, the timing of your structural replacements can significantly impact the cost of your roofing repairs and installations.

During the summer season, the demand for these replacements are always high; hence, the roofing cost is always high.

The trick is to schedule your installation during the spring season or late winter season when the prices have fallen. It’s also during this time that you can receive off-season discounts.


Replacing your roof means getting rid of the old structure. But you can’t just dump it anywhere and call it a day. There is a fee called tear and dump fee that is paid for disposing it and its material. 

This fee is always on you and depends on the size of your roof. Big ones obviously attracts a higher price.

To learn how to dispose of roofing materials to follow the link below. https://dengarden.com/cleaning/How-to-Dispose-of-Old-Concrete




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