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Finding The Right Tools To Help Develop Your Garden.

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Its not as easy as it sounds, the GardenAdvice team will have helped you design your garden, provided you loads of advice with our online garden design course or MyGardenTeam service and you are all ready to start your garden development,  the next stage is to find the right tools or equipment for the job.
In developing a garden most people will start with the ground modeling, that’s just a fancy term for shifting soil around to create the levels in the garden you require. The easiest way to do this is to use a spade and a rotavator, you can dig out the path bases for example and rotavate over the soil you have dug out then rake it around to form the levels you require or you can rotavate areas
to break up the soil and then dig the soil out spreading it on other areas of the garden. This is easier than just digging out the soil and stacking it in a heap or a expensive skip.
Finding the right tools for the job is essential to save you some back breaking labour. To obtaining the right tools for the job its best to hire equipment from a good tool hire company who  understand your needs.  For example the first question you are likely to be asked when hiring a rotavator is do you want a rotavator or a tiller, just to complicate the question the term rotavator and tiller can refer to the same type of machine. In general a tiller has blades that can be seen revolving and a rotavator has blades revolving in a box structure at the back of the machine. Both have different uses

Tiller / small rotavator – blades that can be seen revolving
This type of machine is great for producing spring seed beds on soil that’s been overwintered or creating the final tilth for an area in your garden that’s going to be a lawn from seed or turf.

Larger rotavator  – blades revolving in a box structure at the back of the machine
This is a heavy duty machine where the blades pick up the soil and smash it against the sides of the box the blades are contained in breaking up the soil. Ideally for heavier jobs and breaking soil up to a greater depth. This type of machine is often used on areas that have not been worked for many years such as a rough patch of ground or an existing established lawn.

When hiring a tools or equipment you need to look for the signs of a good tool hire company

  • Ask loads of questions see if the tool hire staff understand the tools they hire
  • Does the tool hire company advise on safety equipment
  • Are the tools or equipment the company hire in good condition and has it been cleaned  and safety tested after its last hire
  • Are you offered a demonstration and advice on how to use the tools or equipment on delivery or collection


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