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Free garden plants from MyGardenTeam

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

At GardenAdvice we are here to help you set up your garden as cheaply and quickly as possible. So we have set up our national plant swap scheme that runs in the winter months as part of our MyGardenTeam service. The scheme has been created so you can swap your seedlings, bulbs and plants with other members of our MyGardenTeam service for free. Our Facebook and twitter allows you to meet members of the my garden team service and swap plants in your area it saves money and time and allows you to make new friends and share green fingered advice.

We have an online database in the autumn and winter which allows you to list your unwanted plants, seedlings, and bulbs, once you have listed your plants; you get credit to spend on getting some free plants for your garden. Alternatively you can buy the plants at a massively reduced rate helping you create a create garden at an affordable cost

So whether you’re gardening on a budget or you are just looking for new ways to make your garden blooming lovely GardenAdvice are here to help.
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