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GardenAdvice on how to planting a box hedge

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

As the season start to approach spring now is a good time to plant a bare rooted box hedge ( buxus sempervirens or buxus sempervirens suffruticosa – the second being a dwalf version so slightly slower to establish but less pruning.

As with all hedges its all in the preparation of the soil before planting. As you hedge might be around for more than 50 years its worth spending some time getting it right. With Box plants they love slightly alkaline soil. Soils that are to act will slow the establishment of the hedge. Also with the requirement of a free draining soil with lots of organic matter adding spend mushroom compost is an ideal way to add lime and organic matter to the soil. 

Ideally you should dig a line for the hedge forking the based as you turn over a spades full of soil whilst digging adding some spent mushroom compost to the base as you fork and then once you have finished digging lightly using a fork to break up the soil and mix in the spent mushroom compost.

Before planting soak your plant well, if bare rooted plant leave them in a bucket of water to soak the roots over night. So not plant of a frosty day  and make sure they are well firmed in after planting and give them another soak. Its worth planting a few spare plants in another location so if any die in your hedge they can be replaced in the following winter season.

Finally add a leak hose along the base ready to water in the spring and summer. With a leaky hose installed all you have to do when watering is connect a hose at one end and leave it for 15 to 20 mins a week in dry weather in the first year. If you soil is weedy or likely to have a crop of weeds then covering the bases and leaky pipe with some weed sheeting – if this looks a bit ugly it can be cover with some gravel or bark.

In the summer month to add the creation of the hedge by helping it to grow quicker you can feed with some liquid plant food just be careful the growth does not become to0 soft as this will make the plants susceptible to fungal diseases. 

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