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Great Xmas present for the gardener in your life young or old

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Our youngest GardenAdvice gardener started earlier this year with Mum and Dad on a GardenAdvice home one day gardening course. Seen here making sure her sunflower seeds got of to a good start

Your are never to young or old to start to learn about gardening and a great place to start is a GardenAdvice gardening course. Our course last for a day and are normally carried out in your own garden on a date to suit you. After the course and included in the cost we transfer you onto our MyGardenTeam service which provides you with back up and advice from your own personal gardener on the GardenAdvice Staff. For more details on GardenAdvice gardening courses  Click Here 

Our one day courses also make ideal Xmas presents for the gardener in your life or maybe the several gardens in your life. The GardenAdvice courses can be organised online and over the telephone so you are already to go with a very special gardening gift in the form of a voucher on Xmas day and you can organise the date to suit you schedule after Xmas For Further details Click Here 

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