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Grow your own fruit and vegetables and beat the spring Brexit panic

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


A GardenAdvice gardening course member growing her first crop of edible grapes 

Grow your own fruit and vegetables and beat the Brexit panic next spring. With the uncertainly of the way forward with the Brexit negotiations the GardenAdvice team are noticing that a lot of our Agricultural clients in the East of England have switched from growing salad crops to the crops such as sugar beat which have a longer shelf life and can be harvested with machinery rather than labour – the labour from Eastern Europe has already gone home and looks unlikely to return in the spring.

So it looks as through in the short term fruit and vegetable prices will start to rise. So if you have every fancied from your own fruit and vegetables now would be a good time to start. The GardenAdvice one day gardening course on growing your own is. good place to start, our courses cover the following

Basic gardening techniques such as digging, seed sowing, pruning, planting and watering.

Organic principles  How to work with your soil and keep it producing good crops year after year.

Basic construction methods How to build raised beds and hot bed and other useful structures.

Pest and diseases how to control them by using organic methods and creating a natural balance in your garden to keep them under control.

Creating special areas in your garden including a organic veg plot, fruit garden, perennial borders and water features.

Planning  a  years crops Making the most of the space you have available




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