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Guide to Buying and Using Hedge Trimmers

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A hedge trimmer is a gardening tool that is mostly used to fix and trim individual shrubs or bushes in a lawn but not everyone knows  that it can also be used for other things. As mentioned in this article, you can find multiple versions of a hedge trimmer, such as manual scissors or shears, also the cheapest, to electrical gasoline-fueled models. 

You can even find some hardcore hedge trimmers mounted in a tractor, but they are not that common and not used by home owners to mange their lawns.

Most standard models have their own advantages and disadvantages and understanding them will definitely help you pick one for yourself, based on your budget and the needs you want to satisfy. 


Why You Should Get a Trimmer 

Owning a beautiful lawn always comes with a downside: you  need to make sure that it’s well taken care of in order to maintain it. Without properly trimming or pruning the bushes in your lawn regularly, bushes will get out of hand and you’ll end up with a big mess that will require even more time and effort to be fixed.

If you are not careful about this, the beauty of your lawn will be completely ruined, making it look unpleasant not only for you but also for those who might take a peek of it whenever they are around. As a gardener, this is unacceptable!

With that being said, there are too many different models and types of trimmers to choose from.  That’s why most people do their research before buying anything to get that indispensable knowledge on hedge trimmers that will lead them to buy exactly what they need and can afford. 


Manual, Electric, or Gasoline Fueled Edge Trimmers

The first thing you need to set your mind for is to what kind of fuel your trimmer will be using. There are actually those manual once, such as scissor types. They are the most affordable ones, but to be honest, using them requires a lot of effort and patience. It’s  also  very time consuming especially if your not an expert in using scissor type hedge trimmer. These are good for people with small lawns and not too many bushes to trim since it will be more than enough for the said tasks.

On the other hand, you can find gasoline-fueled trimmers, which tend to be much heavier and stronger, and they are perfect for lawns with lots of bushes and lots of work to do. They are also more difficult to manage, and starting them can be a little hard, so they are not recommended for small lawns that doesn’t require a lot of work because it won’t be worth it starting them up to be used for 10 minutes only.

Now, electric-fueled models are way lighter and more manageable than gasoline-fueled ones. They are less-powerful, sure, but they are still better than scissors, produce less noise, less pollution, and are perfect for those inexperienced in the world of trimming, as well as those who own smaller gardens. The biggest problems with this type of trimmer is that you’ll have to be careful about the power cable, and that’s why it’s recommended for people  who have smaller gardens.

There are also battery operated once which isan  alternative to electric-fueled models. They are pretty much the same, but this one is better because there’s no cable which is limiting you to go to those father areas of your garden. They can be a little expensive, but are best for bigger gardens since you’ll have more freedom to roam around doing some extra work. It’s always a good habit to check how long battery operated items will last when you use them, and how long is the charging time! 

Now that we have discussed the types of fuels used to power this great gardening tool, I encourage you to visit to check reviews about some models you can find online such as hedgetrimmersreview.com . It’s always best to check them so you know  what’s the best hedge trimmer for you.

One last thing you might want to check before purchasing is whether it is a one-sided or double-sided trimmer. Most people would go for the double-sided ones because they are more powerful and easy to manage, but experienced gardeners might want to check a one-sided model because they are more customizable and some models might come with add-on for extra features!


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