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How to Bring Life to the Exterior of Your Home

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From the moment someone enters your street your home is on full display, so its important to have it looking it’s best for everyone to see. You wouldn’t leave the interiors of your home for months on end with no cleaning or TLC, so why do that to the exterior? All it takes is a few hours once a month to really freshen up the exterior of your home, and it’s extremely beneficial to do. You want your home to be a warm and welcoming from the inside out, and in order to achieve this it needs to be bright and fresh.

Wash down Walls
First things first, you need to ensure the walls of your property are clean. Throughout the year your home experiences some heavy weather conditions, from rain and winds, to snow and sleet, so you want to make sure your walls are as clean and debris-free as possible. It may sound unlikely, but the odd leaf or muddy area on the wall can completely change the look of your home and make it look dull and tired. By pressure washing down your walls you will notice a change in the colour and look, which in turn will bring the property back to life.

Clear Gutters and Drains
Just like the garden area, your gutters and drains can gather lots of general rubbish throughout the year. From leaves and garden debris, to general waste that has blown through from the street, you’d be surprised how much can gather and build up in the gutters. If you fail to keep on top of your drains and gutters, then you may find that after a long period of time your drains may start to overflow due to blockages. This can cause some serious issues so it’s important to clear these frequently to prevent any issues like this occurring.

Re-check the Roof
Even though it’s difficult to see the roof from ground level, it’s still an area of your home that needs to be looked after and cared for frequently. Especially during the winter months, you may find that your roof loses tiles, experiences cracks in existing tiles or even gains holes from where other tiles have fallen, and this is not something you want to happen. It’s really beneficial to get a durable roof ladder and make your way onto the roof at least once every few months, just to keep on top of the conditions of the tiles and ensure everything is in order. If you do find that there are any broken or missing tiles, it’s important to fix this as soon as possible to prevent any larger problems further down the line.

Tidy the Garden
For many people, the garden is an area that surrounds your home, making it a very large part of the overall appearance. The moment you enter someone’s driveway, you’ll instantly start to take in your surroundings, from the garden through to the exterior of the property. This makes it really important to have a neat and tidy garden for people to look at, with neatly trimmed grass, colourful flowers and unique features to add your own personal style into the aesthetics. The beneficial thing about gardening is that once you’re on top of the work and have it looking fresh and welcoming, you’ll find it much easier to maintain the standards and keep it looking beautiful with very little effort each month.

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