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How to Care for the Birds That Visit Your Garden

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Have you ever experienced a beautiful moment when sitting with a cup of tea, admiring your garden and suddenly a gorgeous little bird lands on the bird table next to your patio doors? Well, if you have then you’ll be able to appreciate just how special it is when birds choose to spend time in your garden. Wild birds are so beautiful and in order to protect them and ensure they feel welcome in your garden, there are a few things that you can do. From providing them with fresh water, to a comfortable place for them to perch, our top tips will help you to care for the birds that visit your garden.

Fresh Water

For wild birds, fresh water is extremely important. Depending on the area you live in, it can often be difficult for birds to find clean water to drink, so having a guaranteed supply in peoples gardens can really help to keep them hydrated. It’s also really difficult throughout the winter months for birds to find a substantial amount of fresh water for them to bathe in. Even in gardens, the bird bath or streams can freeze over and restrict birds from accessing it. One of the best things to do throughout the colder winter months is to keep a close eye on your bird bath. If it’s starting to freeze over or you notice the water has become dirty, replace the water each morning so that the birds have plenty to drink and bathe in.

Feeders and Seeds

Attracting wild birds into your garden is as easy as 1, 2, 3 when you have a bird feeder and some tasty seeds for them to enjoy. If you’re going to provide the wild birds with some food, it’s really important that you stick to seeds that have been specifically designed for bird feed. From Nyjer Seeds to peanuts, there are loads of different options so you can keep things interesting for them when they visit. You can find a great selection of bird feeders and bird seeds online at Two Wests, with a range of different seed types to keep the birds in your garden happy and healthy.

Rubbish and Debris

Whilst it may be your number one focus to keep your garden neat and tidy, you can’t control what rubbish or debris may gather in unexpected areas. From plastic carrier bags that have blown in from a messy neighbour, to broken glass from a damaged shed window, there can be a number of hazards in your garden that can be dangerous for wild birds that visit. It’s worth taking a look at your garden every few days to ensure that the area Is safe and clean. If you do happen to see any general rubbish, or you notice that your fence has half blown down, now is the time to get that sorted before any further damage is done!

Bird Watch

There are so many beautiful bird species that will come and go from your garden, and they are all so different from each other. By conducting bird watches, you can identify which birds are visiting your garden and keep track of how many and how frequently they visit. Once you have some data to work with, you can get in touch with the RSPB or even take part in their Big Garden Bird Watch, to help them in their mission to care for our wild birds and ensure they receive the protection and care they require!

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