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How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

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I believe that I am a pretty clean individual, but I have to mention that every time I start researching an article online, I find out another absolutely messy place that I haven’t been cleaning. In this particular case, it’s of course the mighty kitchen sink. Statistics show that the kitchen sink actually accumulates even more germs than the toilet bowl itself. And if you, like everyone else, thought that it got clean as you wash the plates and crockery every day? Well, simply you are in a wrong. 

The kitchen sink area is an excellent location for bacteria to evolve since you top up it with lukewarm water and allow food particles to hang out there all day every day. (even you rinse your meat juice-stifled plates in it. And rinse your egg yolk-coated hands in it. Do you get me?) So, it’s obviously filthy. 

Kind of surprisingly, the clue to safeguard it clean isn’t spraying it with sanitizing detergents, but getting rid of the organic substance that the germs can reproduce. After all, the sink surface isn’t absorbent (like, say, grout), your main point here is investing in the work to displace anything cling to the sink walls. As in, scrubbing hard you can do this without the help of cleaning company

Here’s how to deal. 


How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink?


What You Need


  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Washing up liquid
  • Lemon zest

Necessary Equipment 

  • Rubber gloves
  • Sponge 
  • Paper towel
  • Powder bowl


Cleaning Instructions

  1. Fully drain the sink: Once you’ve completed washing plates and crockery for the day, do fully empty the sink. 
  2. Powder baking soda around the area: Because baking soda is hardly abrasive, it will aid dislodge food particles without tarnishing the sink exterior.
  3. Add in washing up liquid: Wearing rubber gloves, gush a little dishwashing soap onto your sponge.
  4. Add hot water: Adding a tiny portion of hot water at a time… begin scrubbing. If your tap water doesn’t seem enough hot, you can bring the required temperature by boil in your tea kettle.

Start scrub from the outside going in: Begin to scrub your sink going from outside in, all the way top to bottom (in this scenario the mucky water will drizzle into locations you haven’t cleaned. Go through for at least 30 seconds in each area, and longer if there’s an obvious indication of foodstuffs persist to the sink. Once cleaning kitchen sink its completed, start scrub the core part of the drain.


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