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How to Move Using a POD Storage in Edmonton

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Have you run out of moves when it comes to where to pack your stuff? Are you about to move out and have no idea what to do to avoid the unexplainable high cost of hiring a moving company? If the answer to these questions is a resounding “yes,” then renting a moving container/POD storage can be a great thing to do.

If you live in Edmonton, hiring portable storage and moving service is not only easy but also way less expensive. That’s why we bring you all you need to know to choose the right Pod Storage and the best service in order to have a less stressful moving experience.

Choose the Right Moving Container Service

Broadly speaking, most moving containers are made of strong and reliable materials that make them capable of resisting hard weather conditions. However, moving containers also come in many sizes, so it is essential to know how much space you will need to pack all you need to pack.

Each company will provide a different service, depending on the circumstances. So before picking up the phone and calling them, ensure that you’re clear about your moving needs and conditions. Some services these companies provide can cover the following scenarios:

  • Weather-resistant
  • City moving
  • Overseas shipping
  • Personalized schedule
  • Personalized payment methods
  • Different size containers

Prepare Your Stuff for Storing

When it comes to storing, these containers are mostly reliable boxes that allow the storing of any object. Nevertheless, there are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind if you want to optimize your storage and get the most out of your moving container.

First of all, make sure you have the right set of tools to begin with the storing process such as

  • loading straps
  • paper and furniture pads
  • dolly

These tools will not only keep your items protected, but they will also allow you to move heavy and fragile objects with ease.

When it comes to storing sequence, the right order can make or break the efficiency of your moving container. It is highly recommended that the heaviest boxes and items go in first and leave the smallest items/boxes for last. Also, make sure that the items are tightly packed as this will reduce the risk of shifting and breaking during transportation.

Packing Process

To be successful at this, you’ll need to know the basics of proper weight distribution as well as adequate packing techniques, so you don’t end up suffering the consequences of lousy packing. On the weight part, make sure to even it out by placing similar weight objects throughout all the corners of the container to get the right balance.

Also, make sure you don’t include the following items in the container as these are of high risk or value and should be carried out with you directly.

  • hazardous material
  • highly perishable items
  • living things
  • personal documents
  • work documents
  • electronic devices (PCs and laptops)

Even though most homeowner insurance policies cover the loss of valuable items, a contents insurance policy purchased from a third-party insurance company will sometimes be required. This can apply in case you decide not to move right away and have the items stored in the moving company’s warehouse.

It’s All About the Money

Calculating the total price will depend on the kind of service and the size of the container you’ll need. According to the website movers.com, POD’s come in three sizes, and the estimated price of monthly rent according to each size can be stated as follows:

  • 7-foot containers – $116 USD
  • 12-foot containers – $170 USD
  • 16-foot containers – more than $170 USD

Beware though, because the charges don’t end up there. Besides the monthly rent, most POD’s companies tend to charge an initial delivery fee of $90-100 for delivering the container to your home. If you are looking for shipping the container, an extra $100 – 225 will be added as well.

However, wait, because those prices only apply for local moves. If you’re planning an overseas move, the prices will go higher.

Depending on your destination, the company can charge a fee per mileage that goes between $6-9. So, if you are planning on moving 100 miles away from your home, the total cost of a 12-foot container can cost you up to $1,000.

Way Better Than a Moving Truck

I know many of you may say at this point that renting a moving truck might be a little less expensive, but in the end, it is also way riskier and less convenient.

Not only would you need to drive the truck by yourself, if any items get damaged or ruined during the moving process, nothing can save you, and you will have to be 100% responsible for paying the caused damages.

What’s worse, if you don’t have a truck driver license, consider yourself out of that option. So, you’ll end up paying more money to hire a licensed truck driver that drives the truck for you.

A POD storage service is the least expensive and safe moving service that a moving company can offer. Besides, it gives you the advantage of controlling how many and from which size the PODs you desire to rent need to be, something that you can’t do with a truck.

Best Pod Storage Services (Edmonton)

Finally, here is a list of the best three companies in Edmonton that will provide you with the best quality services and the best POD containers for your needs.

  1. ALTA Storage – Portable Pod Storage: They offer an excellent service that according to Google ranks, gives them the perfect score of 5/5 stars.
  2. Cubeit Portable Storage: Besides Edmonton, it covers other areas such as Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia, among other regions. Opinions on Google ranks also gives them the perfect score of 5/5 stars.

3. BigSteelBox Moving & Storage: The professional and client-oriented service they offer has given them mostly positive reviews, giving them a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars according to Google.

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