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Hydroponic Grow Tent Kits In Canada – find Wholesale Hydroponics Tips

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Whether you’re just wanting a supply of fresh strawberries and tomatoes all year round, or are wanting to grow your own strain of medical marijuana, investing in a hydroponic grow tent can take unused space in your home or garage and repurpose it to allow you to have year round produce. 


What Is A Hydroponic Tent Kit?

Usually made out of a strong canvas material with a reflective interior they are almost like small portable buildings and come in such a range of sizes that some will actually take up the entire space in your double garage. While most people only get a smaller setup that can be installed in a cupboard, wardrobe or under stair space to get the maximum use out of an otherwise unused area – and if you’re growing something with the view of selling it, then getting a hydroponic tent kit in Canada makes quite a tidy little side hustle.

Like the name suggests they really are a tent like structure, that you will assemble with a series of interconnecting poles and then fit the shell in tightly over the pole skeleton. You will find that some come with built in shelving and easy to set up electrical sockets that allow you to power lighting rigs and hydroponic units, while others are really just a blank canvas with a medallic internal coating. These are great if you already have a set up and need to replace the cover, or if you have desire to grow without hydroponics, but otherwise they won’t be much use to you, so check to see what is contained in the product you are buying – if it’s super cheap, it probably isn’t a complete kit. 

What Is Hydroponic Gardening?

If you’re completely new to this idea, it can seem a little confusing – but being able to grow plants all year round in any space is a pretty amazing reason to start learning. With hydroponics you are not using any soil at all, so while traditional gardening sees gardeners having to watch the nutrients, make sure the soil is hydrated just enough, worry about birds eating their produce before it’s ripe enough to harvest, and so many other concerns, hydroponics makes gardening a lot simpler. That’s not to say that this method isn’t without its issues, but overall it does make for a more secure result. 

As the name suggests, there is no soil in this method, with the roots of plants being placed directly into a water solution that has proper nutrients dissolved in it.  Your stockist, or any one of the thousands of pages and Facebook groups out there, will be able to advise you what the best nutrients you need for whatever it is that you are growing. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5091364/ 

Because you’re growing inside, you will absolutely need to include a lighting source, however what sort you need will also vary largely on what you are growing. You will also need to make sure that you do have enough air able to circulate, however as grow tents are not generally air tight, for many people the bigger concern is a way to control the odour that is produced by plants growing. 


Benefits of Going Hydroponic

Although originally restricted to inside gardening, you can now see a similar set up with vertical gardening that is installed on the outside of buildings, and even ideas like introducing fish into the water channels which consume parasites while at the same time producing nutrients which give the plants a boost. Because hydroponic gardening uses a system of recycling water, and there are some amazing innovations that improve efficiency and production (like these), there are an increasing diversity in the methods and the ways that this type of gardening can be used.

On a global scale, using less water, less energy and producing more food is certainly not a bad thing. However, on a personal scale it is often more about reducing your weekly food bill, being certain that you know what chemicals are actually going into your family’s meals, as well as creating food security. There is, of course, a growth industry with people using this method for cannabis production, however as the plant becomes legalised throughout the world there is less risk and therefore less monetary incentive to grow… flavoursome out of seasons strawberries on the other hand…


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