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Improve Your Property’s Kerb Appeal with These Top 4 Tips

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Kerb appeal is the look of a property from the outside when you’re a landlord or property investor; it’s extremely important to take care of your property, including its kerb appeal. First impressions really do count, especially when you want to rent out your property to a tenant. Even despite renting out a property, you want to focus outdoors just as much as you do indoors to allow everyone to see the true potential of your home/property. Over 60% of home buyers and renters think that kerb appeal is important when they’re deciding on a home, so it’s essential you take note of the following types to ensure you’re up to date with the best ways to improve your kerb appeal going forward. Sometimes, people even explain that kerb appeal is more important than the choice of their home overall. In fact, a survey conducted by YouGov revealed that a high percentage of homebuyers though that kerb appeal was an important factor to consider. 

If you’re interested in ways you can improve your property’s kerb appeal then take a look at these top 4 tips below. We hope they can give you a clearer understanding of how you can improve the overall look of the exterior of your home. 


  • Tidy up weeds and hedges – An overgrown front and back garden can be an eyesore for many people. By simply taking out weeds and trimming hedges, you can really boost the appearance of your exterior. Plus, who doesn’t love the satisfaction of taking out weeds from their front garden? If there is a significant amount that needs to be sorted, you may have to get a skip to put everything in. 


  • Paint fences and walls – If you have a large fence or wall outside the property, it may be worth getting hold of some wood paint and fixing it up where you can. It’s essential that the paint is suitable for the material you’re using it on, and is water/weatherproof too. Take a look at some garden inspiration from the communal gardens offered in many properties by RWinvest. Their city centre living developments incorporate lots of green elements and look great, even though they’re communal gardens and not individual. Those of you who really want to improve and spruce up the appearance of your garden will want to add some garden furniture where possible.


  • Attractive entrance – whether you’ve got a front door on the property or it’s an apartment you’re showing prospective tenants around too, you will need to ensure the property has an attractive entrance. For example, if you’re wanting to show off a property within a building, perhaps hoover up outside before people come to visit. If you’re looking at renting out a property with a front door, you can perhaps paint the door to make it more visually appealing. 

Add lighting – If it’s possible, you will want to replace porch or front light fixings to not only help you find your keys but also to add something a little stylish to the house as a statement. Lighting is great in the winter months when the days get darker a lot quicker. Plus, in the summer, it means you can sit outside until all hours with your lights on without a worry in the world.



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