Installing ground sheeting to help prevent weed in your garden

Currently on the market lots of different ground sheeting is available for the use of preventing weed growth. Unfortunately a lot of the ground sheeting products on the market at present are not fit for purpose as they are to thin allowing light through which in turn allows the more invasive weeds to grow through the sheeting such as ground elder. 

The best weed sheeting is a woven product which does not allow light through. It comes is different widths and is easy to cut to shape with scissors.

When laying ground sheet laying ground sheeting it should be over lapped by 100mm and held dow with pegs which will hold it in place before the fabric is cover with a bark much or any other covering. 

Although you can buy pegs for the purpose they can be expensive considering the numbers that will be required. Its better to buy a roll of wire and cut it into 200 lengths to create pegs which can be pushed through the ground sheeting.

Before installing the ground sheeting its a good idea to spread a general garden fertiliser such as Growmore about a handful per meter in the areas that planting is going to take place.

Also before installing the ground sheeting its worth considering laying some soaker hose under the sheeting in the areas that will be planted up. The hozelock soaker pipe is especially useful because because you can use the control at the start of the hose to regulate the water flow.

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