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Launching at the end of February 2015 our new flying visiting GardenAdvice service

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Launching at the end of February 2015 our new flying visit advice service which is a free service in addition to GardenAdvice paid visiting advice service. Unfortunately it does not mean we will be have purchase a helicopter it simple means its a flying visit with regards to time we will spend with you. Normally a flying visit to your garden to answer your gardening questions or to provide some further advice in relation to your original advice request taking on average 15 to 20 mins.
From the end of February 2015 when you ask us a gardening question or seek some gardening advice from us in your rely you will be able to sign in for a flying visit request which currently in the UK which will take place within 3 weeks from your request when we are in your area – if you live in Scottish highlands or at Lands End do not worry as you will be amazed how often we are in these areas with our members requests and MyGardenTeam Clients
Keep an eye out for details on our GardenAdvice request section. Here is a link

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