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Looking for the ideal gardening tool for the gardener in your life this Christmas

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


If you are looking for the ideal gardening tool for the gardener in your life this Christmas here are the GardenAdvice teams top tips for ideal tools as gifts 

Spades and forks – always a welcome gift for the new gardener. Always go for quality, a good spade and fork should last a life time, As with most tools the best cost a bit more but in the long run turn out the be more cost effective than the cheaper tools. One good tip is to look for Spades and forks with wooden handles that are riveted to the head so they are replaceable as this is a sure sign of quality. 

Strimmers or weed whackers – Another great gift for the gardener in your life. Ideal for getting the grass under control in the early season after a warm wet winter. Also useful for trimming lawn edges and getting weedy areas in your garden under control. With lots to choose from a number of manufactures its best to get some expert advice on streamers and whackers so try Healthy Handyman

Watering cans – A bad watering can can smash your seedlings with a rose or head thats simply too course delivering droplets of water that will damage your seedling and the soil. The best watering cans are make by haws watering cans

Pruning knifes – A quality gardening knife will last a life time. Ideally it should have a stainless steel blade. Look for a budding or grafting knife rather than a simple plain knife. 

Secateurs – you can spend a fortune on a good pair of Secateurs. The prices range from £6 to £60. A good glue to the quality is that the blades are detachable so they are replaceable or can be sharpened. 

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