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November is a great time to get your Greenhouse in order

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

We are often asked about pests and disease in Greenhouses and often our answers involve biological control methods but by far the most effective methods to control pests and disease in a new or existing Greenhouse is to start with a clean house. This means cleaning the inside and outside with a horticultural disinfectant or some Jeyes Fluid disinfectant using a hand spray to create a jet of water/disinfectant and small brush or long handled broom to get into cracks and gaps where pests and diseases create of eggs and spores that over winter. Then once the Green house is clean use a sulphur candle which produces a sulphur gas to help kill the pests and diseases that have managed to get themselves into inaccessible places.

This simple task will make sure your GreenHouse is as clean as it can be before you start to sow the new season crops. 

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