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Our experiments on seed sowing composts

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Our the lasts few months the GardenAdvice team have been experimenting on different types and brands of compost for seed sowing following a lot of comments from our MyGardenTeam members and viewers that they have had problems germinating and growing seedlings. Our research and experimentation has confirmed that a lot of compost containing green compost are showing low levels of germination of seeds whilst our standard recommendation of using John Innes number one soil based compost to the original recipe is still a good bet but Wilko Lightweight Multi-Purpose Compost Coco Coir Easy Carry 40L has provided some outstanding results and ticks a lot of the boxes as far as coming from a sustainable sources and packaging.


Wilko Lightweight Multi-Purpose Compost Coco Coir does not carry the same amount of available nutrients as other compost so you will need to start feeding earlier with liquid feeds to support seedling and plants that remain in the compost for an extended length of time.

Another useful addition to Wilko Lightweight Multi-Purpose Compost Coco Coir is Rootgrow.co.uk  a mycorrhizal fungi this will help the plants establish an association with mycorrhizal fungi early on to boost growth and crops etc

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