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Our Uninvited Friend – Water Damage

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


Don’t you wonder how certain people have managed to end up at the same event you’re attending? How did they even know about it, let alone have they been invited? It can’t be, they must be a plus one. 

Well, this is my exact movie script when it comes to that unsightly image developing like a bad photo on my wall. The dreaded water damages.


What is Water Damage?

In my trying-to keep-calm version of explaining, it is damage that has been caused by water that has entered where it should not have. For the technical summary, click here to read. It instills many unwanted problems through rust, mold, and rot.


First Signs of Water Damage.

There starts to be an aroma that hangs around and you can’t quite place it. Damp musty smell, like when mold begins to form. The paint will also start to peel ever so slightly, lifting at the edges, crinkling and bubbling. 

Stains and an odd color, which wasn’t the one you chose when you first painted, start to creep into the corners and spread like a slow lava. And then, of course, a water bill that is double the usual monthly invoice is a sure sign there is a leak somewhere.


Causes of Water Damage.

Natural disasters are a nightmare for homeowners, they come unexpectantly and with a force. Heavy snow, rain or floods cause damage and water to collect in basements. 

Basics around the house like fixing damaged pipes, leaking roof areas and unclogging toilets or bathrooms with hair in drains. Repairing leaking dishwashers or washing machine hoses, any foundation cracks you might see, all add to preventing it from happening again or ever.


Restoration after Water Damage has Occurred. 

The first step to fixing the problem is acknowledging it’s there and catching it early. Then get a professional in as soon as possible to assess the damage and help with advice on how to move forward. Click here https://sandiegodryexpress.com/ for a reputable recommended company.

Now you need to get rid of the excess water that has pooled up somewhere and messing up your lovely home. Companies bring in pumps and special vacuums to suck up the water. Once all the water has been dried up, they will start to dehumidify and hopefully get your house back to normal.


Cost Involved to Fix Water Damage.

Like with most things it’s tough to give an exact figure without knowing all the factors involved. Clean water leak, as opposed to sewage damage, could increase the costs significantly, as well as specialized equipment that might be needed to bring in. On average you are looking at a range between $1000 up to as much as $5000.



Damage done by water that has happened in your home is in most cases covered by your standard home owners’ insurance. It is not covered however if you have not kept a good maintenance practice of the property thus resulting in the damage, or extreme cases if a flood has happened.




5 Tips for Preventing Water Damage.


  • Clean out your gutters around the house so there’s no blockage.
  • Trim trees and hedges so roots don’t wrap around any pipework.
  • Check water pressure for the house, if it’s too high the pipes might not hold under the force and burst.
  • Keep an eye on your water bill and look into any significant changes immediately.
  • Regularly check appliances, their hoses and any valves, update them soon as you see any wear and tear.


You may want to have a look at this how to handle water damage video for some handy tips and a guide in how to get the process done quickly and efficiently.


When my husband and I ran our Public House, and the whole country will tell you those buildings are as old as the hills, we had a lovely experience. It was winter and we were woken by the sound of rushing water like a river had been switched on. 

When we switched the light on it was like we had a waterfall flowing from the ceiling. Squirrels had gone into the roof to keep warm, but they also decided to chew the pipes. So, much to my husband’s delight, he had to shimmy into the loft and do a quick fixer-upper job. 

My advice, prevent as much as possible. Life is too short to be wasted shimmying in lofts at all hours of the morning.


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