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Problems with Squirrels, deer and rabbits not to mention cats and dogs

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Squirrels, deer and rabbits not to mention cats and dogs can all be a problem in the garden often they are a delight in the garden until they start eating your prize plants. Lots of solutions are available most do not work and the ones that do such as high fences and surrounding your plants with wire cages can often be expensive and unsightly.
The GardenAdvice teams preferred method of dealing with such pest problems is simply to throw cold water at them and seeing as we cannot be around all the time we use a spraying system with a sensor called PawHunt Click here for more details
Although not a perfect solution its a good start and very cost effective in most conditions. As with most solutions for damage by deer, rabbits and squirrels etc when the weather turns hard and cold extreme hunger often overcomes fear and your plants become a Unrealisable food source, so in these conditions simply feeding these critters might be your best bet and calling a cold weather Armistice for a few days

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