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Provide your houseplants with a much needed holiday

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


Starling from the end of May until then end of September it’s a great idea to take your house plants from your house and place them outside for a much need holiday. With a better level of light and and some rain washing off all the dust that’s accumulated on the leaves stems and buds they will benefit greatly. 

House plants are not naturally at home in your house with the dry heat from central heating. The most popular plants are plants that can handle dry heat although it not ideal thats why often house plants do well in kitchens and bathrooms as the heat in these areas is often more humid. 

The other key is to match your house plant with the level of light in a certain area of a room. The same as your garden plants house plants of different types have evolved to thrive at different light levels. For example peace lilies do well and flower in low light levels and dracaena thrive in higher light levels. 

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