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Recycling in the garden

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Recycling in the garden not only makes environmental sense it often makes economic sense as well. With the cost of removing old materials such as paving slabs and old concrete bases recycling makes good sense. The GardenAdvice Team when helping to develop a garden have a strong focus on recycling materials from gardens using a range of methods such as

  • Shredding and chipping plant prunings for use on site as a mulch or to start a compost heap
  • Crushing old concrete for use in new patio and path bases
  • Using the internet to offer free clean hardcore to other parties for use in building and construction projects
  • Storing and recycling stone onto other garden developments in walls and alpine gardens

It’s not possible to recycle everything in a garden and you will often have to hire waste skips etc however by hiring a firms such as this which are committed to recycling and being as Eco-friendly as possible it’s possible to extend your recycling efforts

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