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Roofing Company Explains Importance of Winter Roof Maintenance

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For some, the winter is the most beautiful season, while the thought of snow and cold disturbs many. However, both are confronted with all the beauties and problems that the coldest time of the year brings. One of them is the cleaning and maintaining the roof. Huge snowdrifts can make a big problem, so you need to remove them regularly and not wait for the sun to melt them.

Most people, because of too many obligations and too little time, neglect the roof structure and its maintenance. Regular check-in only takes a few minutes a couple of times a year. It can spare you of many troubles. In this link, you can find out what to look for during spring and fall roof inspection.


Immediate Snow Removal

As much as the houses covered in snow look like a fairy-tale, it just doesn’t belong there. Ignore the aesthetics, and think about the consequences. Massive snowdrifts are quite heavy. It means that the pressure on the structure is very high. Over time, the roof will deform and collapse in the most critical places, causing the tiles to crack and damage the supporting beams.

However, the bigger problem than snow is the ice. As soon as the temperature goes to above zero, the snow melts (usually during the day). But during the night, temperatures drop again, and the water left on the roof and drains freeze again. 

The same situation is with water that has passed under the tiles or into the structure. That can lead to damage and weakening of the supporting beams on the roof, and eventually to its decay. That is the final stage of deterioration, so try to avoid this in every way. If this happens, the repair is not always possible; only changing the entire construction.


Safety First

All of these are clear reasons why snow should be removed from the top of your house as soon as the weather conditions permit. It would help if you first took safety precautions, which means that you shouldn’t go up until the snow, rain, and wind have stopped. 

Even then, you need some kind of protection, like non-slip boots or a rope around your waist. And always have someone nearby, just in case. As for the tools, use snow shovels made of plastic to avoid tiles damaging.


Gutters Check

Thorough cleaning of the roof also includes gutters. You should do this before winter starts, but it’s not late for it even during cold days. The only condition is that there’s no precipitation. You should avoid approaching the gutters when the roof and walls are wet, to prevent slipping. 

Remove icicles as soon as you notice them, and on the page below, check how to do that safely:


In the fall and early winter, leaves, branches, dust, feathers, soil, and anything else that the wind brings, can accumulate in drains. When all that debris gets wet, it creates a sticky mass that easily clogs the ducts. That prevents water drainage; it accumulates in the gutters, which leads to corrosion on the channels and decay of the roof structure.


Watch Out from Wind

If winter is not snowy or too cold, this does not mean that the roof should be neglected. A strong wind is a regular winter occurrence, and it usually lasts for days. After the storm stops, you should check the entire covering. If the wind was strong, some of the tiles might be broken or displaced.

As soon as you notice any of these problems, experts from https://coloradoroofing.co/ suggest doing the immediate repair until the weather gets worse. Contact contractors or do the restoration yourself. If snow enters the holes, it will easily pass into the attic. Then the moisture path to the interior of your home will be much faster and cause more damage.


If you pay attention to the regular maintenance of the house covering, you will be able to enjoy the winter magic carelessly. Proper cleaning means that this construction will protect the house in the best possible way, keeping it warm and tucked in. So get ready to sacrifice some of your free time to keep your roofing in good condition.



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