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Save Yourself A Small Fortune On Skip Hire.

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe
If you are planning a large garden development then its almost certain that one of your first major expenses will be skip hire. Skips are expensive Its not than the owner of the skip hire company is making a fortune its just that the cost of tipping a tip in a landfill site over the last few years has risen dramatically. So how to save money on skip us less of them, sounds easy and to be honest it is with a little effort and lateral  thinking on you part. Here are the GardenAdvice teams top tips on saving yourself a small fortune on skip hire
  • think about what’s going in the skip if its clean hardcore i.e  old bricks and/or slabs with no metal or plastics then its worth asking the skip company for a discount as they are likely not to have to pay as much for tipping this type of material. And if its good quality topsoil you should get a further discount.
  • Remember your rubbish is another gardeners gold – again if its paving slabs even if they are broken try sticking them on ebay fee collection only. Its often the case that they will be taken for shed bases and patios. In the past the number of unwanted items the GardenAdvice team have disposed of by this method without a skip is impressive for example  old ridged pond liners, garden furniture, firewood, cars!! the list just goes on and on.
  • Think about how you fill the skip use all the space do not place boxes at the bottom of the skip and place metal strips on the top of the boxes for example as you will find that you end up with a lot of unused space in the bottom of the skip.
  • Also its worth hunting around for the best price The GardenAdvice team in the past have managed to get some Cheap Skip Hire from Skip Hire UK
  • Ask for advice – if you are not sure about what and what not can go in a skip ask the local council or skip firm they are normally very approachable and helpful.




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