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Severe Weather Warning for the UK in 8 to 12 days time winter storm

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Severe Weather Warning for the UK in 8 to 12 days time
The UK is heading for a major storm with high winds in 8 to 12 days time. High winds will cause disruption and damage to garden plants and trees. In preparation you should store all movable garden objects such as furniture and other items. Secure shed and garage doors. With regards to plants and trees its likely damage will be caused to trees and shrubs, Where large branches are damaged they should be removed being careful of branches under compression which can make them dangerous when being removed. Where plants are up rooted or blown sideways in most cases it is possible to winch them back into place with a turfor type winch with is available to hire from most hire shops.Once winched back into place they can be staked to maintain the position until the re-root. If the plants roots are exposed its important not to allow them to dry out, cover with damp sheeting/sacking or cover with top soil
For further advice on recovering storm damaged plants contact the GardenAdvice advisor team at http://gardenadvice.co.uk/advisor/freeadvice/index.html

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