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Simple ideas for increasing the summer colour in your garden this year

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe
As with most things gardening is all about planning ahead. The key to creating some summer colour in July and August is to take action now and start to grow a few seedlings and start a few corns and tubers.  The GardenAdvice team have come up with 10 ideas for plants to produce summer colour that you can start to work on now.
  • Sweet peas sowing a few seeds now on a windowsill and planting out in the spring will produce a great show of flowers available as cut flowers in late summer.
  • Dahlias pot up a few tubers in a 100 mm pots and water keep in a warm place then when the shoots start to show place them inside in a summer position then plant out in the spring if the springs late and they start to produce lots of growth this can be used for stem cuttings producing more plants.  A great plant for summer colour. 
  • Sun Flowers start a few seeds in pots now inside on a windowsill ready to plant out in the spring a great project for children. When the flowers have finished they can be cut and hung to dry a a wildbird food to feed your garden birds in the winter.
  • Cosmos and Pyrethrum  sowing a few seeds on a windowsill now will produce plant that can be planted out in the spring to produce some summer flowers. 
  • Skimmia Japonica  At this time of year one of the easiest plants to take stem cutting from  placing the cuttings on a windowsill in 75 mm pots the cutting will root in 10 to 20 days ans start to grow away to 
  • Clematis jackmanii a couple of clematis jackmanii planted at the base of a couple of the larger shrubs in your garden. The clematis will steady grow through the shrubs almost unseen 
  • Rudbeckia Godlsturm sowing a few seeds now directly in the grown under a cloche or bell jar will produce a some later summer flowers with the plants lasting year after year. 
  • Campsis or Trumpet vine – sow a few seeds now under some mulch as the base of a fence or a tree and these plants will germinate as the weather warms and grow away into climbing plants to provide colour in the late summer. 
  • Wall flowers or Cheiranthus Sowing a few seeds directly into your garden soil  now under a small bell jar or cloche . They will germinate and grow on and the protection can be removed in the spring. Not traditionally a late summer flowering plant  but with climate change flower now seems to start in August if sown early in the year. 

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