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Simple Tips to Maintain and Elevate Your Garden

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

As the summer comes to an end, we may be wondering whether we made the most of our gardens. This summer saw record breaking temperatures across the world and therefore having somewhere to cool down and enjoy the weather has become much more of a necessity than years previous. 

However, gardening and upkeep can take time, and it can be hard to keep on top of during our busy lives, but it may be easier than you think to have a nice garden and keep it looking fresh! Check these simple tips to decorate your garden and keep it neat and tidy.

Choose Your Plants Carefully

First of all, you want to make sure you pick healthy plants to go into your garden. By ensuring your plants are healthy and free from disease, you will reduce the chance of it spreading to other plants and trees. Next, you’ll need to keep your plants evenly spaced so that they don’t compete for sunlight. You’ll also want to go for plants that don’t need much water so you can keep on top of the watering. Some plants such as verbenas, Russian Sage, Yarrow, Chocolate Daises and Purple Coneflowers can survive with just one water a week. If you choose your plants carefully, you can spend more time enjoying the garden than maintaining it.

Don’t Neglect the Garden Once Summer is Over

Rather than racing to tidy up your garden in the run up to summer, it’s a good idea to tackle certain jobs all year round. For example, fallen debris and leaves is a big problem in the autumn, but when left to accumulate, you end up with bigger problems, such as blocked drains and gutters. Rotting leaves can also attract pests and disease, which, if it gets into your garden can cause havoc on your flower bed. Check this article on The Importance of Keeping Your Gutters Clear from Draincall and you will see why a simple annual task like this is definitely worth your time. Draincall can tackle the problem for you if your drains are already blocked. They don’t need space for scaffolding and ladders to complete the job, which is perfect if you only have a small garden.

Accessorising Your Garden

There are loads of different things you can use to upgrade your garden’s aesthetic on a budget. For example, you can accessorise your garden with LED light filled wine bottles. Mirrors can also be a great way to make your garden look bigger. You can even experiment with broken pieces of mirror or tiles to create a mosaic. A bird feeder can be a great way to attract more wildlife to your garden – you could use old broken teacups or bowls to collect water which will also act as a water feeder for the birds. Wind chimes are also a great low budget accessory to add to your garden and the tranquil sounds they make are an added bonus! 

So, whether you want to keep your garden tidy or elevate it with some decorations, these simple tips are quick and effective! Your garden is an outdoor space to enjoy and it will feel so much more inviting if it is maintained well.



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