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SOD Installation and Maintenance for The Perfect Lawn

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For those who are looking to get that perfect lawn, there are a few ways to get it accomplished, except they are not all beneficial to your needs. Two of the ways to do this that have seen successful outcomes are SOD lawns or grass-fed seeded lawns. When you’re in a hurry to get grass and can’t wait to plant seeds and keep watering them for months only for it to take half a year for it to start sprucing up, there is another alternative. This is the SOD lawn. Click here to find out more about what this is.

Everyone wants a vibrant new lawn that they can sit in and have a lush flower bed surrounding it, to enhance the look and resale value of the building, but no one wants to put in the effort of maintaining it, which is why we have decided to offer you this piece of information regarding a SOD lawn which can be implemented and maintained in no time, keeping you away from dirtying your hands every weekend trying to spruce up your back yard with garden tools.

Many times, when people move into a new home and already have a garden waiting for you, the initial decision is to go with it and maintain what’s there or to start over and get it like you want it to be. Evaluating the initial decision is an important one because it will mean the difference between having to do more or less work on the weekends. 

The general rule of thumb that most gardening companies’ advice is that if your lawn has about 40 to 50 percent of dead grass and weeds, it is always best to start over. And when we say “start over” we mean, SOD. There are several benefits to getting this option, and this article will discuss all of them. So, keep reading to find out more.

Advantages of Getting SOD Grass Installed On your Lawn

Results Are Instant. As mentioned earlier, depending on the time you have on your hands and the patience you have with maintaining a lawn, you should go for sod grass, and one simple reason for this is it provides you with instant results. If you are looking for some green space to give you immediate and instant gratification, this is your go-to. 

Sod grass is turf grass, made into pieces that are laid out, on lawns, golf courses, and sports facilities around the world. It has been known to improve both the water quality and the air, of any areas that it has been placed on. 


It Blends in Well and Quickly. Made from real grassroots, it takes only 2 to 3 weeks to sink its roots into the ground and become part of the soil beneath it. It has a fast establishment and looks neat and clean once it has been laid down by professionals. It can be placed anywhere, on slopes, on flat ground, on gardens, driveways and even indoor gardens have been known to adorn it, and the installation process is done and completed on the same day, it is that fresh https://www.residencestyle.com/the-benefits-of-sodding-6-amazing-advantages-of-installing-a-sod-lawn/

This option looks and feels like a naturally made blanket and holds the soil in place, which means it can also help in avoiding any soil erosion that could take place on slopes, and thus has been used to avoid this from happening in many sports fields and stadiums.

It Is Flexible. The other advantage of getting this in your back yard is that you do not need to wait for the right season to get it installed. It is as flexible as they come and can be laid out in summer, winter autumn, you name it. Unless it is very hot, which is not advisable, it roots very fast and has a peak period of growth once it has been put into the ground on top of the soil.

Talking about flexible, it also gets rid of the issue of having to fork out weeds regularly. One of the benefits of SOD is that it either has the least number of weeds or sometimes none. Once the roots are established you can walk all over it and have your garden barbeques and parties on it, but not before, otherwise, it will still be weak and get uprooted easily. 

It Is Cost-Effective. According to well-known sod experts, Mr. Lawn, one can use this option for multiple uses including entertainment, pets, children’s playground, and just about anything that does not involve digging it out. Plus, can you imagine how much more cost-effective this is because there is no need to get any lawn dressing, fertilizer and takes much less water for irrigation than grass or seeds. 

All this can be yours with the denser instant lawn which can be installed by professionals in the filed in a matter of one day.  for residential purposes, this has been known as the most popular option that can add value to any home, and especially if you live a busy lifestyle. This biodegradable material also adds value to your environment and breeds fewer insects and pests too.


Maintaining Your SOD Grass

The beauty of this option is it doesn’t even take that much maintenance. When the experts come to install or lay the grass down, they will need to prepare it first. By this we mean, they typically add nutrients to the soil beneath and do some maintenance to make sure it stays healthy and alive for the duration it will be growing in your yard. Some further advice on this can be found here too. 

Thereafter, for the next couple of days, all you need to do is to make sure it is kept moist by watering it at least once a day every day for about 3 weeks. This also helps establish it to the root system of the existing grass beneath it, giving it a strong-hold. Of course, the important part is not walk on it, or let anyone else, including your pets, walk on it either. 

Sometimes if it starts to discolor, then an organic fungicide is recommended, but this is in very cases. Besides that, once it is good to go after a few weeks and strong enough to be walked on, you can let the dogs out! Once it is ready, you can treat it much like you would any grass, water it, mow it, and roll around on it with your kids. 


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