Some Of Our Clients The GardenAdvice Team Assist With Advice.

People often ask the GardenAdvice team what sort of advice we provide and to whom do we provide it. The advice we provide covers a wide range of subjects in gardening, conservation and environment issues. Some of our client include the following

The BBC British Broadcasting Association
Our advice is often sort by production teams in the gardening, natural history and entertainment. A recent example was where the production team from the BBC daytime series Doctors asked our advice about a Doctor in the script and story line visiting from South Africa and wanted to know which pot they other Doctors could present as a welcome gift that would remind the Doctor of home. We recommended a Pointsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) which is a common house plant grown for its winter colour in the UK and Europe and grows wild in South African commonly along road sides.

American Express
When American Express decided to give away a million dollars of tree to a city in the US what spend the most money on the cardholders cards over a month the GardenTeam team were asked to provide advice and support in connection with the tree to be planted and the after care to make sure the project was a success.

British Telecom BT
Not our normal advice range but when BT wireless was installed around the UK in public places such as Public houses and bars GardenAdvice was among the first commercial clients to use the service to send our video clips back to our base in London for edition directly from were we had been filming often in a remote location. The GardenAdvice team produced and advised on a number of videos used to promote the new BT wireless service in its early days.

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