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Sowing guide for Moroccan inspired Vegetable beds

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Crop Sowing time
Carrots Sow outdoors April – July
Tomatoes (cherry) Sow February – March under glass, late march -April outdoors
onions Onion sets can be sown in Autumn or September – mid October.

Seed can be sown from spring when the ground has warmed up

Garlic In the ground late autumn early winter
Broad beans Seeds can be sown from early November through to early February
Peppers Sow seed indoors from late winter
Spinach Sow in February under cloches or outdoors from mid March- May
Kale Sow from March to June
Beetroot Sow from mid April-July every 2-3 weeks.
Mint Buy plants in pots and sink into ground
Coriander Sow sed early summer or use ready grown plants
Chive Sow in pots early spring or use ready grown plants
Parsley Sow outdoors from early spring to start of summer
Rosemary Best started in spring from ready grown plants
Thyme Sow in pots in early spring or use ready grown plants
Sage Sow in small pots in spring or use ready grown plants
Mixed Salad Leaves Sow continuously  every 2-3 weeks from April- September.


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