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The GardenAdvice Bee Project – whats it all about

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


Bees are undoubtedly facing problems because of the use of pesticides in agriculture and climate change with regards to higher seasonal temperatures and lower light levels effecting the availability of food sources for bees as they are required. These factors are causing the bees to be less able to defend themselves against pest and diseases.
The bees real problem is that the use of pesticides in agriculture is an essential part of volume and cost effective food production and as such the use of pesticides is not likely to decrease over the short term. However as advances in science are made and current research produces more data the use of pesticides will decline. So it’s a simple battle against time.
The GardenAdvice Bee project has the aim of creating bee friendly gardens with provide a pesticide free source of food and an extended period of available food and in some small part reverse the trend of non flowering gardens. The project is simple in its conception to provide a number of plants and seeds to people how wish to join the project plus the expert back up through our MyGardenTeam service in return for supplying observational data to assist us with our bee research and climate light projects.
In creating a number of bee friendly gardens or mini bee reserves we hope to buy the bees some time so that they might  ride out the threat of pesticides and adapt to climate change.
For further details and the most recent updates on the GardenAdvice bee project visit https://www.facebook.com/GardenadviceBeeProject/

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