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The Greenhouse For The Serious Gardener.

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

The weather has finally turned, the winter snows have melted away, wildflowers are beginning to bloom and the leaves are returning to the trees. All this is great news for a Britain’s army of gardeners who have had to batten down the hatches this year for much longer than usual. As a consequence many gardening enthusiasts are way behind in their preparations for the growing season. Seeds have not been sown, soil has not been turned and the day to day gardening jobs that we all love to indulge in just have not been done. So what is the solution? A greenhouse can really broaden your horticultural experience.

A greenhouse allows you to indulge your fantasies all year round, in an efficient, eco-friendly way. Cheshire based Gabriel Ash have created a range of bespoke greenhouses and planthouses that suit your needs and your environment.

Gabriel Ash has become a byword for practicality and flexibility. Crafted from the finest Western Red Cedar and discreet aluminium, a Gabriel Ash greenhouse or planthouse is the ideal setting to grow those tropical fruits or exotic flowers that you have always dreamt about.

Western Red Cedar is renowned for being naturally resistant to rot and termites, and is incredibly strong and stable. These aren’t greenhouses that will fall apart, or start looking shabby after a number of years. These greenhouses are an investment for the future of your garden and your home.

Gabriel Ash is the only greenhouse company to have their entire range fully endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society which is testament to the quality and care that Gabriel Ash’s range of greenhouses possess. Robin Parker, Head of Sales at Gabriel Ash is extremely proud of this fact;

“To have the Royal Horticultural Society describe our greenhouses as the best on the market is an incredible honour. They are the most respected horticultural association in the country, with a tradition dating back to the early 1800’s. We share a collective vision for gardening excellence, and this is reflected in their endorsement of our products.”

A Gabriel Ash greenhouse or planthouse will genuinely revolutionise your gardening approach – the ideal space for cultivation and propagation, all year round. Request a brochure today.

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