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Top Tips for Getting the Beautiful Garden You’ve Always Dreamed of – On a Budget

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It’s the perfect season for it. We’re on the cusp of summer, and the tropical weather is (hopefully) on it’s way in Great Britain. This means your garden will shortly become the main attraction in your home, whether that be for you sitting peacefully, enjoying the outdoors   and your morning coffee, or if in fact you’re the person who is known for hosting the hottest summer barbeques every year. Whatever your purpose, chances are you’ll want to get your garden looking perfect for its peak season, and you’ll not want to break the bank doing so.

With these top tips, you’ll have the secret garden of dreams in no time, without having to spend up.



Tame Your Lawn

It goes without saying that after a long winter, you’ll probably need to cut the grass down to make it appear tidier. However, it might be the case that the grass itself is looking a bit tired, and needs a little help along the way. If this is the case, be sure to rake and water your lawn to give it the boost it needs. If it’s in need of some extra TLC, invest in a treatment specifically for your lawn, and it’ll be looking a luscious green in no time.

However, getting your lawn looking tidy isn’t going to add the wow factor to your garden, but there are ways that you can give it that extra pizazz. Why not consider cutting your lawn into a clearly defined shape, like a smaller square or circle? This is an easy and effective way to make your garden look immediately more interesting, and you guessed it, it’s cheap too. It’s as easy as marking out the shape you desire with string, and digging out the excess

with a spade, which will take an afternoon at the most. Consider filling the gaps with gravel or flowers to frame your lawn in a beautiful and effective way.


Plants are Everything

A garden is only as good as its flower bed, isn’t it? So ensure to make yours colourful and full. A super cost effective way of doing this, is by opting for perennial plants that you can divide up into sections – and it’s not as complicated as it sounds. It works especially well for forming a clump of flowers such as geraniums and astrantia – you don’t have to spend loads of money on exotic, expensive plants to give your garden a tropical feel! It’s as easy as splitting the plant, digging holes, and spreading each part around your flowerbed. Doing this will give you the overall effect of a wonderful flower display with several different breeds of flowers springing up around your flowerbed. It might take a little while for them to grow to their full potential, but it’s a cheaper way of getting the flower display you’ve always    wanted. Next stop, the Chelsea Flower Show!


Don’t Neglect Your Brickwork

Chances are if you have brickwork in your garden, for example a wall, it’ll have been there for a fair few years, probably before you even moved there. Because of this, it’ll be looking tired and probably in need of a little refresher. If hosing down and cleaning up the brickwork in question just isn’t doing the trick, consider hiring a  Repointing Specialist to do the work for you. It’s not expensive, and it means an expert does the hard work for you, and probably does a more professional job.


Invest in a Tree

Considering their longevity of life and the quality they bring to your garden (not to mention the oxygen they bring into the environment), trees are completely inexpensive given the purpose they serve. Small trees, like crab apple trees, are great for an average sized garden, because they’re not too big and they’ll remain in proportion. Plus you get to grow your own crab apples!


Light it Up

Last, but certainly not the least, the piece de resistance of your garden can easily be the lighting you add to it. Again with it being entirely inexpensive, solar powered lighting can change your space from the average back garden, to a magical outdoor haven. Whether you opt for solar powered ground lighting, or outdoor fairy lights draped over the wall or the fence, they’ll make the garden an artistic space, and will make those summer nights just that little bit cosier. It’s amazing the difference lighting can make, for such a little price.


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