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Top Tips For Merging Your Outdoor And Indoor Spaces.

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When the weather is nice outside, or even if it’s just a fresh day and you want to get some air into the house, merging the indoor and outdoor spaces can be a great way of opening things up a bit. Here are some top tips on the best way to merge the two areas of your home, creating space, adding light and bringing the best of nature inside.

Open up the view

By using French doors or timber patio doors, you can create more light and a better view from inside your home. Large window or door panels mean that you will feel like the outside is coming in, even if everything is sealed or shut. Here in the UK, this can sometimes be a very good thing – especially in winter.

Deck it out

Rather than having a lawn or patio space, use decking to create a warmer feel outside. If you can walk straight outside onto the decking then it lessens the transition between the two spaces, making the outside a more developed space. This works even better if you can level out the inside floor and decking, so that you have a flow of flooring from inside to out.

Dress up the outdoors

If you have a covered outside space, why not dress it up with some elegant furniture? Again, this being the UK means you might need to take some care of it and cover up in times of bad weather. However, when the sun is shining, having some comfortable furniture out there really makes a difference.


A single, solitary bulb on the patio is not very inviting. Work on the lighting outside and give yourself a range of options for outside entertainment. With better lighting outside, you can control the mood and make it feel more like an inside space.

Use it

The only real way to merge the outdoor and indoor spaces is to use it. If you have French doors or sliding patio doors, get them open and move the table outside. As soon as the weather allows, you should make the most of your outside space. Opening up the doors and windows will freshen up the house and create a sensation of space

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