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Top Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Time is ticking, the year is flying, and the sun is (hopefully!) coming. With the hot weather  on it’s way, your top of the list place to host parties, chill out, and thoroughly enjoy over the summer months will inevitably be your garden. But after a long, cold and rainy winter, how can you give your garden the care and attention it needs in order for it to blossom into the centrepiece summer location you deserve when dragging the BBQ over the long bedraggled lawn the winter has left behind just won’t do? A little TLC goes a long way, and with these top tips, your garden will be the top Summer Soiree location in the neighbourhood.


Love Your Lawn

Without the foundations of your home, it’s infrastructure is nothing. Similarly, without a cared for lawn, your garden is nothing too. There’s nothing more appealing than a green and luscious British garden lawn in the sunshine, so make sure yours is in tip top condition! Be sure to re-sow any poor patches that are looking a bit tired before you begin doing anything. Before you water, also ensure that you’ve scratched back the main bits of grass with a wire rake, in order for the water to soak into the soil and successfully gain access to the roots. Of course, if your lawn is overgrown be sure to trim it, however be careful not to take off more than a centimetre in height. Cutting it too short will actually make it look less luscious and healthy, and you don’t want that.


Say Goodbye to Weeds

It goes without saying that eliminating weeds is a MUST in the preparation for your summer garden. It seems like a never ending task – you pull out the weeds, they grow back, you pull out the weeds, they grow back, and the cycle seems to loop around in a constant circle.

Unfortunately, the best way to eliminate weeds is to stay on top of them all year round, and that includes the winter months. However, if you’ve neglected to do so, as most of us admittedly do, have no fear because there are is help out there. Specifically designed weed control sprays/solutions are a great way of stemming the growth of weeds, before they invade and populate your garden. Sometimes it’s best to nip it in the bud, before the  problem is out of your control. By doing this, not only will your garden be fresh and tidy for summer, but it could also highly benefit you in other scenarios too. For example if you were to want to make a quick house sale, for example if you’re selling to a cash buyer that pays the best prices, you’ll be likely to make more money from a house with an attractive and well kept garden.


Clean Up the Summer Essentials

It’s inevitable that in the upcoming months you’ll be using your essential summer furniture and appliances, so you’ll want to make sure they’re up to scratch.

First of all, make sure your Summer furniture is polished and ready to use. Hopefully you’ll have moved all cushions and material items indoors within the winter months to keep them fresh for use. However, if you’ve forgotten, not to worry, just be sure to put them in the wash and hang them out to dry!

Before throwing the Barbeque of the year, you’ll want to make sure that the BBQ itself is in clean and working order. Chances are if it’s been outside all year, you’ll have a fair amount of rust to remove from your BBQ before use. If you’ve been sensible and stored your BBQ away, then you’ll only have to give it a quick Spring clean. Sometimes it pays to be over prepared!


Don’t Forget the Fence

Last but certainly not least, remember not to neglect your fence. Unlike the aforementioned, you unfortunately can’t take your fence indoors and protect it from the harshities of winter, however a treatment and paint is the next best thing. Using substances such as creosote can give it protection from the wear and tear of hot, cold, wet and dry weather alike.

Even something as small as a lick of paint or varnish can completely revitalise a fence withered from the winter months. Once dry, it’s completely up to yourself how you’ll decorate. Maybe you’ll invest in some flowerbeds beneath the fence, some climbing plants like ivy or honeysuckle, or you’ll even consider some solar powered fairy lights. It’s as easy as that to make your garden look magical, and feel cared for.


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