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Watering Your Garden.

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe
Its the last item you will be thinking about especially after a long wet winter and spring but its a certainty that at some stage you are going to need to water your garden as we reach a dry weather period.

The key with watering is to firstly consider what type of plants you are watering some plants need a humid atmosphere in the case of ferns and Japanese acers both having thin exposed leaf blades and other plants need dry air conditions because of hairy leaves that can collect water which can cause damage such as stachys lanata a silver leaved plant where the silver effect or colour is cased by a large number of hairs on the leaves. For the first you could us a standard sprinkler and for the second the stachys lanata you could use a drip line or leaky hose.

Other good advice when watering a garden is to make sure you provide a good soaking and water every few days or once a week rather than a light watering every day. This is because often light watering can cause a lot of plants including grass and hedge plants to become only surface rooted.  By soaking the the soil and then leaving it this encourages plants to root deeper down towards the sub soil.

With changing weather conditions and weather patterns the key to a lot of gardening in the future is going to be the ability to collect water and an effective irrigation system. To create such facilities for your garden you are best to seek the advice of a provisional plumber to help work out the volumes of water you can collect from a drainage system into under ground tanks or a large pond and what size pumps to install to use the collected water in a piped irrigation system to feed drip irrigation and pop up sprinklers etc.

Most irrigation systems now come with a timer allowing you to selected the time you wish to water your garden without you being present. The best time is normally after the sun has gone down because watering in full sun can cause burning the the plants leaves as the suns rays are magnified through the water droplets which form on the plants leaves from the irrigation water.

One other point about watering you garden not often mentioned is that the action of watering a garden can often damage the structure of your soil and the water droplets smash the soil crumbs into smaller particles often leading to compact destructed soil. The solution is to make sure you soil has a good amount of organic mater or humist dug into it or added as a mulch each year in the form of garden compost or well roted manure for example. This will help maintain the structure of the soil and maintain a healthy soil.

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