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What Makes a Succulent Rare

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What Makes a Succulent Rare?

Are you new to growing and maintaining succulents or have you been interested in them for some time? Whatever stage you are at, it’s likely that the reasons you have succumb to succulents like so many other people. They have a very natural appeal. If you spent any time browsing Pinterest, Pinterest, and Facebook on the subject you would see a whole array of posts and images of people who have succulents of all kinds around their homes. 

Aside from their very organic aesthetics, succulents are not very hard to look after. They can survive anywhere, are extremely affordable compared to other exotic flowers and plants, and offer their indelible charm throughout the year, which is not something you can say about all plants.

Once you get the succulents bug, you want to expand your collection and look for rare succulents. But what is a rare succulent? That’s what we are going to discuss in the following post.

What is a Succulent?

Just so we are completely clear about the kind of plants we are talking about on a basic and fundamental level, before we look at the rarer varieties, we’ll explain what succulents are for the beginners. As a botanical term, succulents or succulent plants refers to plants that are exceptionally engorged, fleshy, and thickened. They are also able, depending on species and variety, to retain water and survive in arid soil and climate conditions. 

Rare Succulents, How?

Given their popularity, you may wonder how any succulents could still be considered rare. There are several reasons why experts refer to specific succulents as being rare.

Let’s examine a few of the most important.

Rare Succulents – Succulents That Are Hard To Find

As we said, it doesn’t feel like you can go anywhere, especially on the internet, without coming across something about succulents. Especially if you are looking at an indoor plant. Whereas in the past it was quite a rare sight to see someone with a miniature cactus in their living room or another form of succulent in their conservatory, those days are gone. While no one is taking away from them their charm and elegance, the novelty has worn off a little. 

Well, if it wasn’t for the fact that there are a multitude of succulents out there that are different from the run-of-the-mill kind you’ve seen in people’s homes on people’s social media and that you may have in your own house. These are much harder to find, especially on the commercial succulent’s market. 

They are less popular because they are not as easy to source. However, there is another key reason why they are so rare.

Rarer Succulents Are Harder to Maintain

Earlier we established that one of the defining qualities of succulents that makes them so popular is that they are much easier to care for than other house plants and exotic flowers. Although that’s true of the most popular species and varieties, there are some, the more exotic and rarer, that are much trickier to maintain


Trickier to Maintain, In What Way?

That’s a very valid question. It seems to be different from one to the other, but these gorgeous and intriguing rare succulents that look like they’ve come from Jupiter or the furthest points of space, are harder to care for in several ways.

While some take a lot of effort to get them growing, others don’t put down their roots as easy as the more common varieties of succulents. Some do not produce seeds and some that do not propagate, due to the very few offsets they actually produce.

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