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What you need to Know about AC Repair

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The last thing we want to hear is the noise of our AC unit giving up. You hear it packing its bags, handing in its notice and ordering a taxi to the nearest airport. Not a good look. Even worse if it’s the middle of summer and you have people arriving at the weekend. Because don’t these things just have impeccable timing to annoy the living life out of you.

Fingers crossed this has not happened to you.


What is an Air Conditioner?

Essentially it is used for smaller more confined spaces and areas. The process of this little box is that it takes out the hot or warm air from inside the room, and blows in cooler air to the temperature you have set it at. Making you feel comfortable.

It can be used in the home or the workplace. Its main purpose is to ‘treat’ air and make changes to air temperatures. 

Have a look at https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_conditioner for the history of the AC and its applications through the cooling process.


What to Look for When Buying an AC Unit.

Because it is going to be having an important role in the temperature control of the house or office, you need to make sure that it is energy efficient. It has a lot of work to do and you don’t want all that effort to bring minimal results.

What style or type are we looking at? Window, which sits on the window sill, and is used to cool just the room or area it is placed in. Or split duct, which are those little rectangular boxes with fins running along the length that you find in most places, and can cool multiple rooms at one time.

The maintenance and installation are another vital factor. Ask your trusted AC Installer company how often it will need to be serviced to perform optimally, and then does the cost price include the installation. 

You don’t want any unwanted surprises when it comes to the invoice. If you are looking for a credible company be sure to click here and get expert advice and direction before purchasing.

You will also preferably want one that isn’t noisy, check the decibel rating on the labels, or be ready to purchase ear defenders as a side package.

There are added features you can look for like auto start if there was a power cut or switching to sleep mode at certain times and regulating the temperature while you sleep. Make a list of what you would like and what is the need of the aircon, to begin with.


5 Benefits of Using an Aircon.


  • Breathing. With the constant flow of air exchange within the home, there is less chance of settled dust lingering around, so you have cleaner air and could help with asthma.
  • Sleep. It can regulate the temperatures while you sleep, so you get a decent nights’ rest. No more restless rolling around from side to side.
  • Electronics. The air is chilled so there is no chance for electrics to over-heat and cause a headache.
  • Gym. If you are a home gym buddy, it can make it a great place to train without feeling like you are exercising in a sauna.
  • Bugs. This is a big one for me. It will be too chilled for any annoying flying insects to hang around, yay, so it creates a bug-free home.



There are many models, sizes and features available when it comes to eventually decide which style to go with. As long as you have the foundation of its intended use and your budget you should be ok. 

Do some research and narrow it down to the top 5 and then look at those specific models in-store and get a feel for it. Watch this Air Conditioner Review List of the top units on the market and their features to get you started.


Signs you need to repair your AC.

This is not a great problem to have but it is the easiest to detect and sort out before big price tags occur. If you’ve set the temperature to chilled and it’s still blowing warm air, this is a tell-tale indication it is taking a holiday.

Things like insufficient airflow and high humidity are red flags, as well as any odd sounds or bad odors. Pretty sure we don’t want to know what is causing that smell. And lastly, if you see any water leaks either out the machine or down the wall. If left unattended, this opens a whole nother chapter into water damage, and trust me, it isn’t pretty.


Most installers and machines will come with a warranty and a time guarantee so be sure to check the dates and have them to hand. 

Having a sticker with their contact info on the side will help for future reference and when it does decide to pack it in, you’re not scrambling to get phone info. Be safe and be smart.


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