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When to Call Tree Surgeons in Bristol

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Mother Nature and all her beauty, is wondrous in her creations and gorgeous in the execution. I love being outdoors and in nature. If only we could take photos with our eyes, each day each moment brings a new picture-perfect image, all the colors and shades are amazing. 

There are also those images where the ‘’gorgeous tends to get out of hand”, a bit too excited for the size of our gardens, or blocking much-needed light.

We used to run a pub and we had this huge monster of a tree in the garden, but as stunning as it was, the sheer size of it made the place completely shaded, no sun could get through and heat the area. So the services of a tree surgeon were employed, and not too soon either.

Good thing about running a pub, the folk in Bristol know whom to call and you can count on them for being a reliable recommendation. 


What is a tree surgeon?

For the true meaning of the word have a quick read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arborist, but essentially it is the practice of taking care of trees and by trimming dead branches and leaves, ensuring they stay healthy. They also need to make sure they are trimmed to a safe size if they are overgrown and encroaching on houses or cables.


When to call a tree surgeon?

You’ve spent all spring and summer pruning your garden to perfection, now to keep it that way, especially with the ever changing Bristol weather, hiring in a company to do the maintenance is going to be key. They are professionals, have specialized equipment and give advice on ensuring your backyard is safe and pretty at the same time.

So when is the best time to call them in, well, there are tell-tale signs and some early indicators that could be seen before they become any significant issues? 

If you stand under a tree and look up and you notice branches that are crossed or on the verge of doing so, call in a surgeon. This friction between the branches harms and decays the bark, and can lead to the decay of the full branch and if left completely can affect the whole tree. 

Another reason might be that you’ve had a severe period of bad weather and the storm has caused broken branches and sections of the tree to come through your home in some way. This is not great, but more so for the branch and tree as the insides are now exposed and open to harmful elements. Have it removed as soon as you’re able to.

Other signs such as leaning over pavements and obstructing sidewalks mean it’s time for a trim and also deep cracks in the bark, so for the best in the business, call in the Bristol tree surgeons that will provide a quality service you deserve and customer satisfaction if you’re just around the area.


5 Advantages of hiring in a tree surgeon.


  • Equipment. They have industrial size and ability equipment to cut down large chunks of trees if need be, no need for you to purchase a chainsaw the size of you and have no control over using it.
  • Neat and trim. The overall look will be much cleaner, it will increase the value of the house and be aesthetically pleasing to the neighbors. Can you say community brownie points?
  • Fewer accidents. Awkward roots protruding out the ground or low hanging branches could be a disaster waiting to happen, preventing this is better than curing the consequence.
  • Cost-effective. Keeping on top of it with a good maintenance plan in place will lead to fewer repairs of broken pipes or sewage systems, even buildings will be safer, and most importantly sidewalks.
  • Young ones. We constantly need to ensure that for every cut-down tree there is a new one planted or growing, it is only our oxygen supply after all. 

Whether you decide to take matters into your own hands or hire in a professional tree surgery company, I highly recommend the latter, at least you are ensuring that the greenery is being looked after.

But in my opinion, it is a good excuse for not only having your husband not risk his limbs by trying a DIY stint, but you get to see men with muscles using big chainsaws cut down trees. And you don’t have to go anywhere, they’ll be at the convenience of your back garden. Win-win.




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