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Why Should You Have Garden Pond Plants

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Every avid gardener wants to have a cool pond that is not just clean but enhances an aesthetic beauty to your home compound. You can now have some pond plants that will satisfy your urge of having a great pond.

As long as you have a pond, you will struggle with algae in it and this is the main importance of getting plants in it; they will combat it successful. But how should you clean up your pond when preparing to plant these pond plants? Here are some tips.

Pond Cleaning Tips Before Having Your Pond Plants

  • Removing any decaying foliage – any foliage that could be leaning into your pond is definitely spoiling the water. Besides, it becomes a major catalyst for the growth of algae. That’s why removing them before having the next pond plants is crucial.
  • Keep the pond neat and orderly – this ensures you don’t use chemicals to maintain it. When there is a lot of congestion, disorder, and foliage, you will have some headache controlling some unnecessary parasites and weeds.
  • Use a pump to ensure water is circulated and oxygenated in the pond. This movement in the water is very necessary for ensuring that your pond plants can comfortably take the nutrients.
  • Make use of filters – this ensures that your pond is not filled with sediments and other debris which can facilitate algae build up.
  • Be equipped with a good mix of pond plants ranging from those that do well in warm season to cool season to perennial plants.

Why Have Pond Plants?

There are various types of garden pond plants from which you can choose from depending on your like and preferences. You may want plants that float on your ponds like lilies or you may want the ones that submerge. There are experts that can deliver the type of plant you want right to your pond like Puddleplants in the UK. Here is why you should have pond plants:


  • To regulate the growth of algae

Algae are opportunistic plants that find their way in your pond. Although they can be a source of food to your fish, you can regulate their growth to have a well-balanced pond. Garden pond plants are one of the most effective and long lasting solutions to dealing with algae. Other mechanical and chemical methods can be expensive.


  • To filter your pond

Your pond has very high chances of having sediments and these water plants can ensure your water is filtered effectively. Similarly to the way trees filter CO2 from the natural air and release Oxygen, so do pond plants filter and intake nitrates and phosphates that algae need to grow.


  • To provide shade and good cover

These water plants provide shade that eventually limits the amount of sunlight getting into the water, nuisance algae basically require nutrients like nitrates, water, and enough sunlight for them to grow. This shade will inhibit the growth of algae.


  • To improve the quality of water

You don’t have to use chemicals to boost the quality of your fish pond. With the right garden pond plants, you can have the quality of your water improved through these plants filtration.


  • For aesthetic purpose
  • They are great in making your backyard awesome throughout the year.


It is clear that you need garden pond plants to ensure your pond is well-maintained and is free from pollution. Choose the right one for your pond. Their eco-friendliness aspect makes them the best you can ever have around your pond.  



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