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Sell your products and services with GardenAdvice

We would like to invite you to be one of the 1000 unique gardening and home products and service we recommend in associations with the 1.2 million questions asked through GardenAdvice.co.uk by our viewers,members and clients every year plus the 600,000 projects gardening and home projects we help them undertake every year not to mention the millions of plants we help to look after with our expert advice and guidance.

  • Simple process to get your product or service listed as a recommended supplier
  • Affordable marketing cost
  • Guaranteed level of  sales directly linked with your advertising budget with us.
  • Sell to our viewers,members and clients directly or through your existing supply chain.
  • Firm sales leads and enquiries and trackable sales for your products and services
  • Intelligent marketing of your product and service in association with our climate light system which predicts the ideal time for your service or product to be promoted to our viewers,members and clients.
  • Partnership manager on the GardenAdvice.co.uk team to promote your product or service on our platform – report to you on sales and leads – provide you with marketing insights from feed back from our viewers,members and clients.
  • Set pricing schedule easy to understand
  • Initial stage £125 set up fee and 8 weeks free advertising on our system
  • Fully recommended supplier of a  product or service £125 per month after the initial stage of 8 weeks.
  • Sponsored How to video for your product or service £350 production costs and £300 per month hosting fee
  • All pricing is based on individual products or services

For an estimate on your product or services level of sales with GardenAdvice.co.uk just send us an email with the details of your product or service marketing@gardenadvice.co.uk